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Top YouTube Money Makers List in The World

Top 10 YouTube earners List


YouTube allows users to make money by posting advertisements in their videos. By this videos some of people make huge amount of money. We can see some people stories.


1. PewDiePie Earned:$15 million Subscribers:49,756,391


He earning $15 million , that’s amazing. he has 49756391 subscribers. We have a question, how the guy built huge amount of Subscriber’s. He was upload the video about gaming. He played and reviewed popular games in the world and upload in thier channel. There by he earning money.

He is the first person to reach 14 billion views in YouTube. One of magazine announce he is the most influential people in thay year.


2.Roman Atwood Earned:$8million Subscribers: 10,152,692

This guy story is totally different. He earning money by posting prank videos. More than 10 million people tune his channel to watch prank videos.  we can see one prank video details of roman. He convinced his wife because of he killed their child. There by he post videos like that and earning huge amount of money.


3. Lily Singh Earned:$7.5 million Subscribers: 10,296,350


She started posting videos to get out from depression. Now she is military millionaire. The canadian women earn about $7.5 million. She posting videos about comedy.

Popular videos – ‘What Clubbing Is Like’, ‘Why Bras Are Horrible’ and ‘Types of People You’ll See On Halloween’ – now garner guest stars that include Victoria Justice, Gina Rodriguez and even Michelle Obama.


4. SMOSH Earned:$7million Subscribers: 22,474,510


The team Ian Andrew Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padilla,  they are American comedian. They are better knowing name Smosh . They are child good friends, now they make comedy videos and make huge money.


5. Tyler Oakley Earned:$6million Subscribers: 8,087,829


He is in 5th place earning table. He earn $6 million , he also got 8087829 subscribers. He is 27 years old. He upload his 1st videos in 2007. now he is the milioner.


5. Rosanna Pansino Earned:$6million Subscribers:7,398,456


She also got 5 th rank. She upload video about  coking. She got many subscribers. His kitchen bought $6 million to the lady.  She has upload more than 100 recipes.


7. Markiplier Earned:$5.5million Subscribers:15,523,276


He also like PewDiePi. He upload game videos.


7. German Garmendia Earned:$5.5million Subscribers:30,317,411


His channel is most subscribe channel in spanish language. He is also comedian. He making millions in the age of 26.


9. Colleen Ballinger Earned:$5million Subscribers:7,359,094


She is a singer . She got lot of subscribers. She earn $5 millions.


9. Rhett and Link Earned:$5million Subscribers:11,545,537


They are also comedian. They made people laugh. There

by they got many fans, and earn millions.

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