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Top Amazing Automated Functions in WordPress

Hello friends automation is occupied our technology world. Now everything is converted into automated. Agriculture ,government office, school , software , business all the field the automated tool is used to reduce our work.

In wordpress also has some extraordinary tool to automate something. We can see the list of tools .

1. Post automation :

Just think that, you don’t publish the post but is automatically posting itself by the particular time and date. It’s interesting thing it’s avait in wordpress.
Editorial Calendar – this plugin give the awesome automatically posting feature. After completing the post, you se the time and date and save it. Then the particular time the post is automatically live in your website.
Just write the content then wordpress do your posting job. Enjoy.

2. Automated social share.

After completing your post you will share your content into Facebook Twitter etc. You need to share all posts individual it take time and you will miss some post also. This job will also handle by one tool .

FeedPress – this tool automatically share your post in social media after you successful posting a post.

3. Automated comments spam blocking

Comments spam is very risky to your site. Because it reduced your site seo. So you can get thousands of comments. You can’t delete everything. So you need some plugins. In market there are lot of plugins available to do the job.

Akismet – this tool is used to block the unwanted spam commands. It cost 5$ just use and save your seo Score.

4. Auto Backup

Backup is important for digital world. Because everything is easily deleted and it Wil not unrecoverable. It a hard thing.
You have full updated wordpress site, some thing happened and you lose your all files in database. What will you do. Nothing you will do. If you have backup your will survive. Otherwise you finished.
Some tools used to back up your site everyday. So you can easily recovered your data in some conditions. You can use BackUpWordPress to backup your site.

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