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Top 8 Health Benefits of figs (Anjeer)

We are know the figs contains high health usages. It is sweet taste fruit, it also taken in the form of dry fruit.
It used in the treatment of constipation,piles,diabetes,asthma etcc.
It contains vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, calcium, potassium, manganese, sodium, iron, phosphorus and chlorine.
So figs contains health benefits weight loss, figs health benefits of diabetes.

1. Weight control.

Figs contains good amount of fiber. Fiber have many health benefits. When we take figs,a high amount fiber send to our body. These fiber used for digest system in our body. Figs reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes.

A lot of research gives the output , figs is increasing the weight and also it used for reduce the fat there by reducing the weight.

2. Blood pressure control.

It contains high amounts of potassium. It used for reduce the blood pressure. We take high amount of sodium in our life. It harmful for our body. But potassium reduce the sodium effect. There by the blood pressure is in control. The diabetes patients advised to take high amount potassium food on their diet.

3. Heart Function.

Figs contains anti accident so it is good for health. Because it removes the free radicals in our body. Figs remove the fat content in blood stream, so the fat blockage will reduced. There by the risk of heart attack disease is also reduced .

4. Bone Health.

We need good amount of calcium for good bone. Otherwise we face lot of pain so the calcium is important. The main source of calcium is milk and egg other than figs contains good amount of calcium.

5. Blood Sugar Control.

The highest amount potassium used to control the amount of sugar present in blood. The sugar only cause of diabetes. Potassium control the sugar there by you reduce the risk of getting diabetes. It checked the amount of sugar contains in the blood after meals.

6. Figs for male sperm female sex health.

Take three figs daily with a milk. Soak three figs in milk over a night then eat the fig continues you will never get a sexual health problems. It increase sperm count in male. It is also good for both male and female sexual health.

7. Reduce cholesterol level.

Most of us now face the obesity because of high taking fat foods. Figs contains pectin that’s a soluble fiber. When a pectin enter to the digestive system then it carries the fat content and eliminate from the body.

8. Prevent cancer.

It also prevent from some of cancer. Breast cancer,colon cancer are controlled by the figs. It remove free radical content from body.

Conclusion :

The high health benefits fruit is figs . So take the figs in daily basis and be healthy. If you like this post please share with your friends.

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