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How to embed Youtube videos in wordpress blog

embed youtube videos

How to embed YouTube videos in your blog

embed youtube videos

In this tutorial you will learn about how to add YouTube videos in your blogs. We will see below. Now we see what’s is the importance to embed YouTube videos.

Importance to embed YouTube videos in blog:

When you add video related to your post then you your audience will get clearly understand about the article. Then your audience will like your blog. It Give more following to your blog. And also your audience is spend more Time in your blog. It Give good seo score. So over all you got only positive things when you embed YouTube videos in your blog. Now we will see how to embed YouTube videos in wordpress blogs.

If you create videos in YouTube you can embed it with your blog. When you do that you can get more subscribe to your channel. There by you can able to get monetize option to your video. When you enable that you can get lot of money from that . Because the number one Google advertising company show advertising in your video. So you can get lot of money from your YouTube videos also.

Steps to embed YouTube videos :

1. The first step is select the video you want to embed . Make sure the video will not have violated content.

2. Now in the bottom you can able to see the embed option. Click on that.

3. Here you can get lot of options related to the video. Select the appropriate option what you want.

4. After finishing all the options, then now going to copy the code. You can see the text box. In that box you can see the code. Just copy the code.

5. Now just login your WordPress control panel. Select add new post. Now select the text editor won’t be in visual editor.
6. Now paste what you copy in that embed steps. Paste it only in visual editor. That’s all. Whatever you want just enter all text post. Then publish your post.

7. Now check the post you will able to see the embed video.

Conclusion :

You will get some details about how to embed YouTube videos in wordpress blogs.
I think this post Will be help full to you. If you have any concerns about the article just enter your comments here.