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Top Amazing Automated Functions in WordPress

Hello friends automation is occupied our technology world. Now everything is converted into automated. Agriculture ,government office, school , software , business all the field the automated tool is used to reduce our work.

In wordpress also has some extraordinary tool to automate something. We can see the list of tools .

1. Post automation :

Just think that, you don’t publish the post but is automatically posting itself by the particular time and date. It’s interesting thing it’s avait in wordpress.
Editorial Calendar – this plugin give the awesome automatically posting feature. After completing the post, you se the time and date and save it. Then the particular time the post is automatically live in your website.
Just write the content then wordpress do your posting job. Enjoy.

2. Automated social share.

After completing your post you will share your content into Facebook Twitter etc. You need to share all posts individual it take time and you will miss some post also. This job will also handle by one tool .

FeedPress – this tool automatically share your post in social media after you successful posting a post.

3. Automated comments spam blocking

Comments spam is very risky to your site. Because it reduced your site seo. So you can get thousands of comments. You can’t delete everything. So you need some plugins. In market there are lot of plugins available to do the job.

Akismet – this tool is used to block the unwanted spam commands. It cost 5$ just use and save your seo Score.

4. Auto Backup

Backup is important for digital world. Because everything is easily deleted and it Wil not unrecoverable. It a hard thing.
You have full updated wordpress site, some thing happened and you lose your all files in database. What will you do. Nothing you will do. If you have backup your will survive. Otherwise you finished.
Some tools used to back up your site everyday. So you can easily recovered your data in some conditions. You can use BackUpWordPress to backup your site.

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How to Add header footer in WordPress blog post

Hi Friend’s, Do you already created any website without wordpress or blogs. We can set header and footer for all pages. And we are also customize the header footer options for some pages only. We can Design some codes and add additional feature in header and footer. But in WordPress we cannot design and add codes in WordPress header and footer. We need some plugin to insert header footer codes.

Header :

This is head part of the site. It includes meta content and css codes . It also have character encoding and screen types. Meta includes title , description, keywords. We can customize the title using meta tag. We can customize description in metatag . We also add keywords to your site.

If you add your site to Google you need to add their code into your site. In other site we easily add header code. But wordpress we can’t default. We need some plugins.

Footer :

In footer we can customize some code to show in end of our site. In wordpress some plugins do this job. We will see it.

Top plugin :

1. Simple Header Footer in Html

This plugin named simple header footer in html, but it not esy to use the beginner , we will tell easy way so beginner also understand easily. This tool allows you to inject html css codes. But this plugin not allowed you to enter the php script.

By this tool you can add JavaScript and html custom css codes also. When you add this code, your current theme not affec.

2. Wp custom header footer.

In this you can customize your header and footer menu. You can add JavaScript css codes here without damaging the current theme.

3. Beaver builder header footer.

This is easy tool. You can add your header footer easily. These take some steps.
Create header template,
Design your new header,
Publish your new design,
Check your new design ,
Check design.

There is sticky header this is remain in user left your website Also.
The only drawback is this is working in only some theme only.
This us the list of theme support by this plugin.
Beaver Builder Theme.
Genesis Theme (and should work with most of its child themes).
GeneratePress Theme

I think it’s useful for you.
Do you have any comments just post here.
Thank you for reading.

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Another Sime Way to Add Quiz in your Blog

Hi friends now going to see another quiz Plugin. This quiz wordpress plugin name is Quiz Master . Gravity forms is the paid one, but quiz master us free quiz maker add-on.

The first thing is you need to install the Quiz Master, and then the quiz menu is added to your wordpress menu. After activating, you can see the quiz menu in wordpress admin panel. Iy you click the quiz dashboard you can able to see the quiz statistics. Now you just activating, so you can see anything.

Now we see how to create quiz.
Go to quiz Dashboard » Quiz » Click new Quiz. After you follow this step you can able to create quiz partially, then you can add title and description. After you can add questions and answers to that quiz.

The plugin now create the quiz. Then go to edit option that particular quiz then now you can add the question for the quiz. Then click the answer button here you can add some questions. Make sure the question is right . Then click submit.

Then you can see multiple questions types. That like checkboxes and dropdowns and textarea to enter the input. Once you decide tat type you can add the question to that quiz by repeating that process.

Grading :

You can set grading fo that quiz questions. You can set grading click quiz tab . In that you can see correct incorrect and enter Mark or not graded .
Review your settings and save and update your settings.

Add Quiz into Your Post :

You can embedded you qut into your post or blog otherwise the quiz created is totally waste. We can see how to add your quiz into post. Your quiz is add into post like shortcode , how to obtain the shortcode into your post. In that quiz menu you can See [mlw_qiuzmaater quiz=1/]
Copy that code just enter the code into your post and publish that’s all. Your quiz as will successfuly as show in your post.

That’s all now you can interact with your visitors..
Thank you for reading.
Just give your comment about your About this post.

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How to Add Quiz in Your wordpress Blog

Hello friends, Do you have wordpress blogs site. And you want to know about visitors thinking , then the best opinion is add quiz to your site. It Give your site value. And Ali you can create other topic quiz to know about the value of content. You can add quiz to educational purposes also.

We can see how to add quiz your website. In wordpress every thing is plugins. And quiz also in that part. You can add quiz plugins to that. A plugin called gravity forms is the best quiz plugin. gravity forms give awesome features to you. You can create multiple quiz.

In first thing you need to install the gravity forms to your wordpress site. Then you can download add-on to your site.
The add-on also available with the developer license.

add quiz
After you install the plugin , go to forum » add-on You can find quiz add-on you can install it Now. After successful completion of te install you are ready to create the quiz.

Now go to Forum » New forms , Here you can create the new one. Just enter the title and description of the form then you Wil see the editor option.

Click to advanced field you can able to see add-on . To click add on your add-on send to that forum. Click the quiz and you able to see the property in that you can add topic and questions. There are three types of type available.
One is check box.
Second is radio button.
Third is drop down.
Once you can create the question you can save that quiz. After create all questions you can update and save the creation.

Grading :

Grading is important in quiz. Gravity forums easy the grading. If you want automatically grading ..
Go to form setting » click quiz tab here you can see type of grading.

One is no grading. You can disable grading in that step.

Second is percentage type. After user enters the answer. Then the grading make the percentage of the answer there by the answer is shown to the users.

Third is letter grading. You can choose percentage fo the letter grading.

How to add Quiz to Particular Page or Post :

After successful creation of the quiz you can able to add the quiz into your wordpress site post. We can see it now. Create New post, in that you can see Add forum.
Click add forum , then you can see the already created quiz then you will collect after the quiz code will add to your post. You can add title and description of the quiz. After publish the post, you can able to see the quiz.

Thank you fo Reading …..
Comment your opinions.