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How to change language in WordPress

change language in wordpress

change language in wordpress

How to change language in wordpress

WordPress allows you to create the customize website. You can create website with lots of them. The wordpress is a Best content management tool. You can create blog with lots of inbuilt option. And you can also customize your language we can see it below. It will help you sure.

Change language in wordpress method 1

In this method you need to install one plugin. This plugin allows you to customize your WordPress language. You can easily Change language in wordpress.
Go to plugins dashboard , click add new plugin here you can search what plugins you want.

Now you can see the search Box,type here ” wp native dashboard” . Now install the plugin and activate it. Now you can customize it.

Now go to settings in your blog. And select the wp native dashboard. Now you able to see list of the options. In the settings, you can change language in your wordpress.

Change language in wordpress method 2

If you use wordpress hosting blog, then the language change is very easy. Go to dashboard and click the settings. Here you can find the language changing option.

Change language in wordpress method 3

This is little difficult to change the language in wordpress. Just login in your hosting. Go to dashboard here go to file manager. In that file manager you can see lot files. Now we going to edit the language file to Change language in wordpress. In that root directory you can see the folder wp-config.php.
In that file contains wplang . We going to set country iso name here.
For example , define (‘WPLANG’, ‘fr_FR) if you change like that you will get France language. Like that just modify whatever language you want.

Conclusion :

I think this tutorial will help you. If you have any concerns about the article just enter your comments here. Thanks you.