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Software as a service Definition and Explanation With vendors

hi friends cloud computing is important one in internet business. Now all information technology companies moved into cloud computing. Cloud computing contain software service its called software as a service. They provide hardware service also. That is called hardware as a service. We will see software as a service in this tutorial.

Software as a Service :

In a software as a service, a cloud company provides and maintain your software. A software is not in your local storage. Is is stored in a centralized location in a cloud. Now one question Must appear in your mind.

A software is located in another location. Then in office how we work with this software. Cloud company provides a thin layer. This is is embedded the your software with internet. So, you can access that software with your browser. They provide some url or ip by itself you can use your software.

When you open the url you will able to see the login after successful login you will see the window that contains your software. You will se exactly software screen in your browser. That is software as a service.
Your software stored in cloud, you can Able to access it via url.

History :

In past days s service named applications service providers , they provides a centralized applications and give applications to access the user. A model Applications Service Providers is extent into software as a service.

Architecture :

Software as a service used multitenant. It means in a software as a service one application installed and it live to all user. All users use one cloud software via the same url with different login credentials. That function is called multutenants

This is main features in software as a service. Because in others case you need to install all system with individual license, in this architecture you need to pay one software license.

You can achieve this via virtualization also. But virtualization also much cost.

Configuration :

To configure software in a cloud you need to careful. Because you going to configure that setting to all user. Every user has different idea to configure. Everyone configure the setting in their way. But here do the configuration for all user so do it for to fit all users.

Challenge in Software as a Service :

1. Security is main afraid in that type service. Because your data is stored in the cloud vendor side. So you need to make sure the security of your data.

2. It hosted in cloud so it take some time to load. For a big and high response company it’s a big problem.

3. In some business, they store customer personal information . The information is large data. So to store the data it take some time ,risk and costly.

4. Software as a service maybe slow down the largest file data transfer.

5. Organization may force user to use a new updation of the software. Some of users not able to use updated software short. So they can make mistakes.

6. If the vendor stop their business you lose all data.

7. You access the software using internet by browser. So make sure the internet speed, your internet speed only determine the data transfer rate.

8. Make service level agreement with the software as a service provider. So you will trust that company easily. If any happen you can get huge penalty from the company.

9. During patching any thing happen total production will went off. Because all the user use same applications.

Top Software as a service providers :

1. Antenna Software

Their head office in ersey City, N.J. The provides mobile applications software service. They have a strong gate way so they provides secure transaction with the user. Coca cola company is a client of this company.

2. Cloud9 analytics

They built head office in Redwood City, Calif. They had good infrastructure to provide good software as a service. They use advanced database strategy to store your data. Thermo-Fisher Scientific and Thomson Reuters, among others these are all clients of cloud9 analytics.

3.Cvm Solutions
The have head office in Oakbrook Terrace, Ill. They built to provide centralized applications management. The cost thi and service vary around 50,000. The cvm solutions clients are , Colgate-Palmolive, Delta Air Lines, ExxonMobil and Wal-Mart, among others.

4. Exoprice System :
They have head office in Waltham, Mass. The build exoshell to give secure connection with the customer and applications in the web service. Their mailbox cost is $2-$10.

5. Gageln.
The build head office in Santa Clara, Calif. They used j2ee platform to give good service to the customer. They cost as per the service you want.

6. Host Analytics
They have head office in Redwood City, Calif.They have Microsoft database sql and olap design and integrate with cost 250 per month per user. Their clients are Aon, Otis Spunkmeyer, Proctor & Gamble and Schumacher Group, among others.

Conclusion :
software as a service is a one of most business in a cloud computing. I think this tutoril is helping. Thank you for reading.