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How to add PayPal Payment Option in wordpress

PayPal payment

PayPal plugins

PayPal payment

Two ways to add PayPal payment into your wordpress blog.

If you give good content value to your visitors. Then you can add PayPal option to your website. There by you can able to get money from your article. If you article really help full to your visitors then they will donate some money through the PayPal. We can see how to add PayPal option to your website.

The first step you need to have PayPal payment account. If you Don’t have please sign-up one PayPal account.

1. Go-to your wordpress dashboard. Go to plugins and click add new.

2. Now you can see a search box, in that just type digital goods.

3. Now install the digital goods plugin and activate it

4. Click the setting and click PayPal.

5. Enter your currency details and set your default buy button.

6. Now enter your PayPal credentials right username and password. can check your settings in sandbox mode and please click on live mode.

8. Don’t forget to save the change when you make any change.

9. Edit a WordPress page where you have a digital file for sale, and use the following Shortcode: paypal_for_digital_goods with the parameters: name,price.

10 customize the short code with your needs.
This the example of short code

[paypal_for_digital_goods name=”My eBook” price=”25″ url=”” button_text=”Buy Now”]

PayPal donation plugin

How to install and use the PayPal Donations plugin

From within your WordPress Dashboard, click Plugins, then Add New.

Do a search for: PayPal Donations
Click Install Now, then Activate.

Click Settings, then PayPal Donations.
Add your PayPal email address in the PayPal Account box.

Add in any Optional and Default settings.
Click Save Changes.

Go to Appearance, then Customize.
Click Widgets.

Choose a Widget Location such as Sidebar.
Click Add a Widget.

Scroll down and find PayPal Donations, and click it.

Fill out your preferences for the different options, otherwise the defaults from the previous steps will be used.

Optionally, click the Visibility button to customize where the Widget gets displayed on the site.

Preview the Widget in the Live Preview screen on the right.