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What is Lync 2013 Voice Policy & Applications

Voice policy in lync server 2013.

We can enable and set voice policy to individual users, sites, global.

» A set of policy available to enable enterprise voice to users.

» A set of public switched telephone network need to define the call function to the users.

Deployment steps:

lync voice policy

» first determine the global policy, the global policy is automatically assigned to who are not assigned in site and user policy. The global policy automatically installed in product.

» make list down what type user policy you need
» make sure what type of site policy you need
» make sure what type of pstn usage for each policy.

Voice policy scopes :

User :
In this policy only applies to the particular user in a particular site. This policy not apply to other users in same site. Example, You can disable the call function one user in site.

Site :
If you not assigned any user policy, then you can deploy the site policy. If you deploye the site policy, the entire users in that particular site under the policy.

Global :

This policy comes with the product. It applicable to all user in that server. You can customize the global policy. You can disable the global policy also and you can rename it. You can delete this policy. If you delete the global policy then all user assigned to custom user and site policy.

Features in Voice Policy :

1. Call forward is the policy is automatically forward the call to specific client or other phone. It is set in default.

2. Delegation policy is used to other users send or receive calls by yourself. It also enabled in default.

3. Call park policy is disabled in default. It used to park the call and pick up from different client or mobile.

4. Simultaneous ring policy is used to ring multiple client or mobile when user call.

5. Team call enable you can attend any other person call when the person in your team.

6. Pstn policy enable you to call any number in the world. It enables by default.

Conclusion :

I think this post is easy to understand the feature and applications of voice policy in lync 2013.
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