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How Google Maps Work – Amazing Details to must know

google maps

How Google maps work

google maps
In this century every one use Google maps. It’s make easy our navigation location system. In past we must remember exact place ways to reach the particular area. We can’t remember all the path in all areas. But now by the use of Google maps we can reach and locate all places within minutes. But most of us don’t know about how Google maps work ?. It a magic , how the Google collect the huge amount of data all over the world to build the exact view of maps. Do you wonder about it, then this article only for you. Here you can get the details about how the Google maps work.

Beginning :

Google want to start the service named Google maps. They want to collect all the data and visible to all users. So they collect the data and store in offline the gigabytes of data. But they want to store the data and publish in online. The basic level Google collect the details about the road and other details in offline and upload into online to visible all online users.

The collecting data for Google maps is a big task. The all data not old for 3 years. The update the all data with the frequent time period.

Partners :

Google need some partners to collect the huge amount of data. Park Service, the US Geological Survey, various city and county councils they are all the Google maps partners. they collect the details about the roads rivers water ways and all the obstacles.

Street view :

This is a new functionality in Google maps. Google has a separate car to take a street view. A car contains camara that takes all the 360 degree image in the way the car goes. So we can get the 360 degree view of the road. They send this car to all over area to get the street view all places.

Satellites :

Satellites are important to work the Google maps. Because satellite take the high resolution photos in top of earth . Then these photos are cross checked with the external agencies and the street view. There by they alter the road views and the altered building.

Mistakes changes :

Every day Google made lot of Changes in Google maps . This change includes adding roads and description of the place. And also they fixing the mistakes as well. A thousand of people in Google maps working hardly to adding and editing the maps. All reports are reviewed by mannualy and submitted.

Conclusion how Google maps work:

I think you got some details about the Google maps and how Google map work. After reading this article when you using Google map just think thousands of people working in background to run a service.