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Simple Way To understand What Is WordPress Tutorial

Hello friends in this topic we going to see about wordpress. Some of internet users must here the word about wordpress. Now I tell you what is wordpress in simple manner. WordPress is a Open Source Content Management System(CMS).

WordPress written in php Language and in backend to store The data MySql is Used. In 25% of website in internet Use wordpress Software. It’s top and more popular content management system. It support more than 60 million websites.

WordPress devoped by wordpress foundation in 2003. It supports both Unix and Windows platform. The official website is .

User can use wordpress in their own wordpress hosting or can use third parties web hosting. In third party web host we need to install the package of wordpress Software. Most of web hosting site provide wordpress includes. You can install by one click then you can use it.

After install everything is easy to manage. In other websites development is little difficult when compared to wordpress. Once you done installation, you can able to publish your own content. You need to put title and relevant story about title. That’s all about posting.

In wordpress have lot of themes inbuilt. You just install your favorite theme. After you need to activate it. That’s all you will get colourful website blog. If you want to change any colour you can customize the css codes. But you need to have strong css and html language knowledge. In other websites you need to write all css and bootstrap code. But wordpress simplify your work. There are lot of wordpress theme developer available in internet. They make suitable themes to you. And there are lot of paid theme also available you can just buy and download after you can install in your wordpress site.

Plugin is important to one website. There is lot of outbound function only run in website using plugins. You can easily get plugins in market and you can make you site function correctly.

WordPress supports multi user and multi blog support. Multi blogging mean the back end database split into multi process so the multi sessions create to obtain multi blogging . WordPress also support multi user so the every register user can create and edit the post.

I think you clearly understand what is wordpress. Now we see most top wordpress using websites. Sony company using wordpress hosting. And mtv using wordpress hosting.
Next blog we Wil see how to install WordPress in shared hosting.

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