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Lync voice policy – Skype for business

lync voice policy

Lync voice policy – Skype for businesslync voice policy

In this article we going to see How To create lync voice policy ( Skype for business voice policy ).

Voice policy is very important for the enterprise voice features. This only allows user to call any other lync user or any other number. We can see the steps to create the voice policy now.

1. Just go to web control panel Skype for business or lync console. Login with your credentials.

2. Now go to VOICE ROUTING option. If you already create any lync voice policy ( Skype for business voice policy ) , You can see the all the policy here. If you want to edit the policy just DOUBLE CLICK the existing policy then you can edit it.

3. If you want to create new voice policy click NEW , then click the user or site policy. If you want to apply the policy to specific user you can select the user policy. If you want to apply it for all the site users then click site.

4. After that a new page will open. In that page just enter lync voice policy name in NAME. enter te short description in the DESCRIPTION box.

5. Now you need to select the calling options to this lync voice policy. Under the calling features you can see the many options.

6. If you want to give call forwarding option to this policy then click the check box in ENABLE CALL FORWARDING. If you want to ring the all phones, then go for the ENABLE SIMULTANEOUS RINGING OF PHONE. Just like that you can see many features, I will list down all this option.

7. Enable call forwarding
Enable team call
Enable delegation
Enable PSTN reroute
Enable call transfer
Enable bandwidth policy override
Enable call park
Enable malicious call tracing
Enable simultaneous ringing of phone.

You can select the options which you want in your organization requirements. And you can also set the pstn configuration also. We will see PSTN Configuration in other tutorial. Now you can click OK and COMMIT ALL to save this lync voice policy ( Skype for business voice policy ).

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