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Lync Dial plan – Skype for business

lync dial plan

Lync Dial plan – Skype for businesslync dial plan

In this tutorial we going to share how to create and configure the lync dial plan ( Skype for business). This dial plan give dial pad to the all users. You need to enable the enterprise voice feuture to the users. Then the dial plan is applicable to the particular users.

Steps to create lync dial plan ( Skype for business ) :

1. Just login the lync or Skype for business control panel with your organization credentials.

2. After that you can see the list of menu. Go to VOICE ROUTING

3. Then click the DIAL PLAN setting.

4. Here you can see the all the lync dial plan – ( Skype for business ) you created in past. Now here you can create new Dial plan. You can edit old the dial plan.

5. If you want to edit lync dial plan ( Skype for business dial plan ) you can see the search box. Just enter the name and find the particular dial plan . Then just click the EDIT and click SHOW DETAILS. Then you can edit and modify the dial plan. Or simply just double click the previous dial plan then you can able to modify the dial plan.

6. Now we can see how to create new lync dial plan ( Skype for business dial plan ). Click NEW , here you can see the site,pool,user. This three options give the scope of the dial plan. If you select pool then this dial plan applicable for all the users in the pool. When you select site then it applicable for all the user in the site. Then you can select users to apply to specific users.

7. Now enter any name in NAME box. Select any name in SIMPLE NAME. enter anything you want in DESCRIPTION.

8. Then, enter the Dial in conferencing region. This region only reflect in the Dial in conferencing Number assignment.

9. After that, enter external access prefix. If you want to test this plan you can set the number in DIALED NUMBER TO TEST.

10. Now just click Ok . All the settings is saved now. You need to do one more step after click Ok.

11. After clicking ok, Go to COMMIT and click COMMIT ALL. If you want to check the changes you made then click REVIEW UNCOMMITTED CHANGES. Here you can check the all the changes you made.

12. Now your new lync dial plan ( Skype for business dial plan ) is successfully created. You can assign this policy to the particular users,site or pool.

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