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IT service outsourcing risks

It service outsourcing risks

It service outsourcing risks list

it service outsourcing risks

In Previous article we discussed about the IT service outsourcing benefits . It service outsourcing benefits IT service outsourcing has lot of benefits,but the same time it has few risks. In this it service outsourcing risks make lot of conflict in your customers and damage your business so you must know all about the IT service outsourcing risks.

1. Employee moral

The employee moral missing is the one of main IT service outsourcing risks. Because when you manage your own IT , the employee know about your business. They work with moral because they know your business. So the amount of mistakes made by employe is reduced in own IT service management.

But when you outsource your IT service,the employee doesn’t know about your business very well. So they work for thier company not for your company. If they made any mistakes they will move into another project. But the loss is your company. So this is the main IT service outsourcing risks

2. Leads bad situation

We already know about the employee Moral. When you outsource it service , if any mistakes created. Then it will lead your business down entirely. Because it reduced your customers satisfaction. It leads very bad situation to your company business.

When you run ecommerce company. If You got daily 10000 order in one hour, when the server goes down for 1 hour, then you miss the 10000 order and you will got bad user experience it leads they will pick another company. So it leads your business down. This is also one of it service outsourcing risks

3. Risk

Risk the meaning is you playing with your business. When you lose in the IT service game you will lose your business. So select good managed it service for your business. So only you can reduce it service outsourcing risks.
Monitor your it service daily, when the graph go down you need to take action immediately to save your business.

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