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How To Insert Table In WorPress using Plugin

insert table in wordpress

Are you new wordpress blogger , I am sure you already search all the setting in the control panel menu . The search is about table. You don’t get a option to insert table in wordpress.

But in WordPress every thing is plugins. You have lot of plugins in market. We search lot of things and we find some plugins to insert table in wordpress post and pages.

We going to see two plugins . One is easy to use no need html knowledge , just go to editor then you can find the option . Another is little html editor there by you can add table to your post. And the special one is add table without plugin.

1. TablePress – easy table making

This plugin used to insert table in wordpress. It a awesome because of you don’t know about coding, it doesn’t toch any code it give awesome table to your blog.

You can create table in one area. You can add the table any of your post, no of tone you can able to add that table. That mean you can add the table more than one post also.

Firs thing install table press in your wordpress. Then activate it. After activate you can able to see table menu options in admin dashboard. Just click add new table after that then you can enter the title of the table and description about the table.

Then you need to enter the row and column to the table, After that you can enter the value to the table. Thats all now you are reduced to deploy the table into your post .

After completing the step you can see the one shortcode. This is very important. Just copy the shortcode. Then go to add new post. Here you need to enter the shortcode. Then publish the blog. Now you visit that post. You can see the table what you create in past.

2. Mce Table Button :

Do you bored with table press. Ok that’s a solution is mce table button. It Give you new way to deploy your table in post.

It reduced your work, you create html and enter the work but here you enter value bit automatically covert into html .You have lot of style option colouring and etc.

Just install the plugin and activate it. After go to add new post. In that editor you can see the button about table . It Give awesome table to you post.

When you click that button you can see the option add row column ,enter how much you need. Then enter the value to that. After that you can submit then the things converted into html automatically after submitting you can able to see the table in your post.
But one thing you cannot reuse the table in another post.

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