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Infrastructure as a service A Detailed explanation with vendors

Infrastructure as a service

Infrastructure as a service

In this article we going to see infrastructure as a service.

Hello friends we are already see the te detailed explanation about the cloud. The cloud have some type’s. We are see the only type of cloud. We already see about software as a Service we will see about infrastructure as a service.

What is infrastructure as a service ?
Who want infrastructure as a service ?
What type hardware they provides ?
Who provides that service ?
How much that cost ?
What is the Advantages of infrastructure as a service ?
What is the Disadvantages of Infrastructure as a service ?

Infrastructure as a service :

The definition of the infrastructure is to do some work we need some physical thing that is called infrastructure. For example To eat we need some foods and plate, that is infrastructure.

In information technology business the infrastructure is a computer hardware includes and network storage boxes. They provide hardware facilities to you to run the business. The infrastructure as a Service is a growing business in the world. All the company now moved into cloud specialy the infrastructure as a service.

When they Don have ability to build the infrastructure they can reduce the cost by buying the infrastructure as a Service.

Who Want Infrastructure as a service ?

Are you going to start a new business. You need some office, human resources, hardware and software.
You need to build a building for the human and hardware. Hardware also occupied some extra place . To build the data center in the office is also risk. It need some cooling function and power supply. It cost very much. To reduce the cost you need to outsource your hardware to other vendors.

Suppose you need hardware for temporary business , it’s very bad to buy the hardware with high cost . You you need outsource it. The hardware outsource is called infrastructure as a service.

What type hardware they provides ?

The infrastructure as a service provider provides all the hardware items you want use in information technology field.

Now you ready to run a business, you want to store some data about your sales and customer. In that conditions you need server to manage and process the data. A server need network facilities to up your service they provide network and server.

Noq You need to store the data, so they provides higher capacity storage box also. After that anything happen your data will lose without warning in that conditions you need backup , infrastructure as a service vendor provides also backup facilities. So they give complete support your hardware requirements. They also provides support and maintain the hardware.

They give the infrastructure facilities then you can run a software in the hardware. This a only step you need to do.
Who provides infrastructure as a service ?

Amazon AwS :

Amazon provides high computing infrastructure facilities to you. They give all facilities with thigh integrated monitoring tool. So you can maintain this hardware easily.
If you are new you the give 30gb 759 hours with 15 gb bandwidth free.
Otherwise the cost is $0.11-6 Per hour.
The storage cost is $0.09-0.15 Per gp per month.

Windows Azure :

The Windows Azure not only the Windows. The administration what to run the business with the Windows platform. The provides all business requirements . The provides functional infrastructure. The provides virtual network message ques and no relation business storage. This is easy to manageable fo the Windows admin.
The cost is $0.02-1.6 Per hour service.
They also charged $0.07-0.12 Per gb per month.

Google computer Engine :

Google computer Engines used for bigdata company and who want warehouse the data. They give full analaytic features with monitoring. Their infrastructure give full global the give fiber network with all over world to give high computing speed.
The cost is $ 0.18- 1.65 Per hour per service. The give service $ 0.07-0.12 Per month per gb.

Rackspace open cloud :

Rack space offer a high performance cloud services with full customer focus. The rack spact co founder is a openstack so you can run your service in both of the platform. You can easily switch over to one to another. You can get access your service via the http protocol.

IBM Smart Cloud Enterprise :

Ib smart cloud enterprise provides cloud services with storage and computing service with 4 tyre model. It supports all IBM and non IBM platform. It supports as enterprise level of service. Here cost not disclose the cost is available for hours by monthly, you can contact IBM of more info.

Hp enterprise Infrastructure :

The provides openstack cloud service To the public. They provide public and private hybrid service also. They give Windows and Linux command line interface with the dashboard. It provides content distribution useful for who have branches over global.
Instantly the cost is $ 0.3-3.40 Per hour. The storage cost is $ 0.09 Per month per gb.

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