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How Enable Lync Mobile Access Policy – Mobility Policy

lync mobility policy

lync mobility policy

lync Mobility Policy

In this article we going to see How To enable mobility policy to certain users. There by the use can access the Lync in their mobile.
The user can able to call via work, voip, video call. The user can set their work number there by the can prevent their personal numbers from other users. The user can use cellular network or WiFi.
Configure the voip make user can able to get voice and video call.

Lync admin only get the rights to set mobility policy to the users.
Admin can set this policy to site , global and user. There by the policy applying to the particular users.

Prerequisites :

To get this feature you fulfil some prerequisites.

1.User must be enable in lync ,2013 server.
2. User Mus enable for enterprise voice.
3. User must assigned mobility policy ,in that optiom must set enable mobility.
4. User must enable enterprise voice policy that have enable simultaneous ringing option.
5. Enable output opinions in mobility policy.

Global mobility policy :

1. Login the server which has the lync 2013 server.
2. Start the lync management shell.
Start » all programs » lync server 2013 » management shell.
3. Run this command to turnoff global site mobility policy.

Set-CsMobilityPolicy -EnableMobility $False -EnableOutsideVoice $False

Site mobility policy :

1. Login the particular server.
2. Go to lync management shell.
2. Now type the command. This command used to create new site policy, that disable Audi video and enable WiFi for video and audio.

New-CsMobilityPolicy -Identity site: -EnableIPAudioVideo $False -RequireWiFiForIPAudio $True -RequireWiFiForIPVideo $True

3. User policy .

To set particular user only use the mobility policy, then you can run the bellow command . Just modify then run it whatever you want.

New-CsMobilityPolicy -Identity -EnableMobility$False -EnableOutsideVoice $FalseGrant-CsMobilityPolicy -Identity -PolicyName

Conclusion :

I think this article is help to you. Just enter your comments. Thank you for reading.

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