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Dvd abbreviations is digital video disk or digital versatile disk. Dvdwap

This us a storage device with the optical technology. By the use of light waves we can read and write the disk. we can store any kind of data in the DVD.
The data is stored in digital format. We can read the dvdwap via the digital DVD player. This was created by the Philips company. The single sides single layer have of total 4.7 gp. Single sidesd double layer has 8.5 gp space. Double sides single layer has 9.3 space. The dvdwap is really big thing in the world. It easy the data to transfer world wide. We can save our personal data in easily.

In DVD the reading speed is 10mbps. 650nm laser used to read the digital data in dvdwap. 650 nm focoused been used to write the data. The original developer are Panasonic,Philips,Sony,Toshiba.
A pre record disc is also available in market. We can not modify or write the data into the This us called read only memory (ROM).

Dvd-video formats is a digital video placement and the dvd-audio has the digital Audio formats.

The basic types of DVD (12 cm diameter, single-sided or homogeneous double-sided) are referred to by a rough approximation of their capacity of dvdwap in gigabytes. In draft versions of the specification, DVD-5 indeed held five gigabytes, but some parameters were changed later on as explained above, so the capacity decreased. Otherformats, those with 8 cm diameter and hybrid variants, acquired similar dvdwap numeric names with even larger deviation.The 12 cm type is a standard DVD, and the 8 cm variety is known as aMiniDVD. These are the same sizes as a standard CD and amini-CD, respectively. The capacity by surface (MiB/cm2) varies from 6.92 MiB/cm2in the DVD-1 to 18.0 MiB/cm2in the DVD-18.As with hard disk drives, in the dvdwap realm,gigabyteand the symbol GB are usually used in theSIsense (i.e., 109, or 1,000,000,000 bytes).Each DVD sector contains 2,418 bytes of data, 2,048 bytes of which are user data. There is a small difference in storage space between+and-(hyphen) formats

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