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Cloud Hosting Explanation And Top cloud hosting Providers

cloud hosting

cloud hosting

More hosting company nowadays provides cloud hosting. They are all also slowly moved into cloud hosting. Lot of companies give offers in cloud web host to get strong customer base. They give little amount of cost also. We will see what is cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting :

In Normal web hosting your data and applications run in one server but in cloud hosting your data and other applications run in different server. That is called cluster, load balancer is use to send the request to free server. This concept is called cloud web hosting.

Benefits :

In Normal conditions, your website popular suddenly you get lot of visitors in that conditions you used your all resources, then after crossing the limit you your service will not run. This u
Is a problem in shared service. You need special solutions fo the problem. In cloud you will not face this issue. Because you have several server load balancer do the job to reduce the risk.

Scalability :

In cloud computing you cross your limit then your application will hung. In tat situation you can bring another cloud near you. So you can run your service continues. If you want you can add extra cloud if you don’t want you can leave them out.

Examples :
Do you run a ecommerce website. In normal time you get average 10000-50000 visitors. You have the shared hosting now. There is no problem at all. Your server run currectly, in normal time.
Now you decide to give some amazing offer . You advertise the amazing option to all people. In that conditions lot of people access your site to buy a product in amazing offer. So totally around 500000 people access your site. In that conditions your server will go down. You lose all your customers. So in that conditions you need special option. That is cloud. Add cloud in offer time. Remove it in normal time.

Saving :

In shared and dedicated web hosting you need to pay the subscription. It have included all features. You may not use all features in that plan. But you charged for all features. But in cloud hosting you need to pay what you used.

Public cloud :

In that type of cloud hosting your data is stored in one server. If that server is busy then it is moved into another virtual server. In that type your resources is in shared type. It java available in multiple areas.

Physical security :

Your all data is stored in datacenter. The datacenter is in highly secure place. No can enter the data center. Even nobody’s know where is the datacenter. So your data is stored in very high secured place.

Private cloud hosting :

In private cloud hosting there is a limitation. The server makes a ring type. Your data is process and store in that particular servers only. It will not used other server without the ring. It Give more security to your data.

Top ten web Cloud hosting Company :

1. Cloud hosting company got 4.8 stars. They provide high virutual servers. They give 7 gb Ram and free control panel with ssl certificate. Starting price is $19.88.They provide 25-250 GB space.

2. Cloud hosting company provides Don of virtual server. The also Give root access of the servers. They provide unlimited mysql database and free domain. They charge $19.88 Per month. The disc space is 25Gb to 3 TB.

3. Cloud hosting company get 4.8 star rating. They provide 2-4 core processor with 8 gp cpu. They provide sitelock and backup facilities. The customer support available for 24 hours. The also charg $19.99.

4. Cloud hosting company get 4.8 stars. They provide high cloudflare security. They boost your performance and provide free migration. They cost around $29.59. They provide disk space is 5 gb to 1.6 tb . Cloud hosting company provides unlimited database and ftp account. They give unlimited domain and mailing service. They give amazing level of bandwidth ut around 4tb. The disk space is 120gb it is a San storage. The cost is $19.99.

6. Cloud hosting company get 4.6 stars rating also get cpanel includes and have ssl certificate and unlimited domain controller. They give ssh and private domain access. They charge $80 Per month. They provide 80-12gb storage.

7. Cloud hosting company get 4.7 ratings. They give cpanel control and you performance San storage. They give anytime money back guarantee. Any the cost of the services is $19.99 Per month. They give 40-120 Gb.

8. . Cloud hosting company get 4.2 stars rating. They give 20gb to 3 tb hard disk . They give anytime money back guarantee. They cost is $14.99 . They give 30-240 gp disk space.

They get 3.8 stars rating. They give high data transfer bandwidth. 2000 gb bandwidth. The give free domain and 100 domain up to. They give $40 and they give $10-50 disk storage disk.

Conclusion :
Cloud hosting is a new way to running your business with less uptime and give give performance. If you want to design ecommerce Cloud hosting is good option for you.

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