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Cloud Computing Definition Simple and Detailed Explanation

Cloud computing – Hello in New technology world most of us he are the word cloud. After here that word, some questions raised in your mind

What is cloud computing ?
Where is cloud ?
Are we in cloud ?
Where is used?

cloud computing
We we I’ll see all about in this blog.

What is cloud computing ?

In simple words cloud computing is storing and accessing your data in internet. The storing is not in your hardware ( hard drive , system ) . You going to store your data in third-party cloud company.

Now total world occupied by internet of things. Everything is now in internet. Internet is now slowly moved to cloud computing. That’s very important to all business. Everything goes to cloud so we Must know about the cloud.

Information technology is highly value business in the world. Storing the data is very critical job. The maintenance of the data is also very critical. To maintain the data lot of resources need, so the information technology also slowly moved to cloud computing.

Small business company also now moved to cloud computing . Because it is cheap compared to own maintenance the data.

Who is use cloud ?

Information technology :

Information technology companies main work is to store and process the data. To store the data the need some physical and logical things. Logical thing is software and the physical thing is hardware. .
Information technology deal with create the software to process and store retrive The data. The need database software to save the data in physical form. They need some hard drive to store the data.

To store and maintain the data some things need in information technology field :

Hardware :

1. Good ram Rom Server
You store and retrive some applications you need. To run these applications you need platform. The most is platform is Linux and Windows. The server os is very important, you need enterprise edition server.

2. Storage box

This is need to store the data. The storage contain multiple disk of Hard disk

3. Network facilities.

You need to connect your storage box into server to run and give the data to users. Network facilities available in all 24 hours.

4. Cooling system .

The massive hardware provides lot of heat. The heat reduce the performance of the computer. So it hang up, all service go down. So the cooling is very important.

5. Power supply .
If power goes down every data processing go down. Some time you server take 1 hours to start up. So your productivity will go down. You lose your all profits and earnings.

Software :

1. Server Operating system

You need server side enterprise operating system. It available in datacenter edition and other edition. Linux is free one.

2. Database

To store your data you need database software. Mysql and Oracle provides this option. By using this software easily you can store and retrieve the data.

3. Anti virus.

With out anti virus no one run service correctly. If any virus attack happen you will lose all you data . So anti virus is very important.

4. Other software.
To run specific business you need some software. Examples you run website design hosting company you need apache or tomcat. You run network company you need pocket tracers like that.

Human resources :
To run these all , you need human resources to maintain these all domain. It take high knowledge person to maintain the company.

24 x 7 we need to maintain the software and hardware otherwise you will lose your data.

To maintain these all, it take high cost and risk. So we need to reduce the cost and risk. In this situation information technology goes to cloud computing . So they easily access their data and modify it. So now all information technology companies moved into cloud computing .

Government :

In some countries have huge amounts of data. The data related to human in their country and more information about citizens. And also they have military information. The need high security for that. So they need some security place. That is cloud. cloud computing give all time access and high security to that customer. So now some countries also moved into cloud.

Small business company :

When some one create new small business. The Need to store the data about their customers and their sales. To store the data the need high resource. They not able to build data center and other resources. So cloud computing is their first choice. Cloud company do that job reduced the risk in Storing data.

Where is Cloud ?

This question answer no one know expect the cloud providers. If your business in cloud you don’t know where your data is stored. But you can easily access the data via remote connections. But every customer don’t know where your data is. But it store in secure place and store in high security.

Are we in cloud computing ?

Yes , are you amazing with that answer. All things goes into cloud. But we also use cloud in every day life. I will explain the simple way. You use Google drive to store the images. That’s Google cloud. You use Google drive to store the contact in your mobile that’s also cloud. So we are also simply moved into cloud. You can also store your data in cloud.

Cloud Computing Companies :

1. Google drive :
This is pure cloud computing company. It service to store your data any format. The service is Google docs, Google slides, Google sheets. Your Gmail and contact also in cloud.

2. Apple I cloud :

This is run by Apple company. You can store your data in Apple I cloud. This cloud run only Apple platform. It Give online storage for contact calendar mail and more . You can back it up by synchronized and you can easily retrived it. To store in Apple I cloud in Windows platform you need to install i cloud panel in your Windows .

3. Amazon cloud drive.
Amazon give a cloud facilities. If you buy any digital products in Amazon. They give unlimited storage to you. If you buy kindle they give some options to store in cloud. They also provides unlimited image storage.

4. Instagram.
Are you a instagram user then you also a cloud user. Because instagram use cloud. If you uploaded any photos in instagram it automatically store in cloud storage.

5. Chrome book :
You are all uses chrome browser. This company provides a operating system called chrome is. They provide one laptop that have only small memory to run the laptop. Then the all storage is done in cloud. That amazing concept.

Conclusion :

The future world is fully made with cloud computing only. When you clearly understand about cloud you will be in technology job. So keep update your self with cloud computing.
Thank you for reading..

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