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How to choose Best And Cheapest Hosting For WordPress and Other Sites

cheapest best hosting

cheapest best hosting
Hi friends, in this tutorial we going to see How To choses best and cheapest hosting for wordpress.

Hosting and domain are the most important to design the website. First thing what is hosting ? It’s like cloud but not exactly , to store your website coding files in your computer is difficult one. Because you need to online your coding 24×7 by using apache or tomcat. Most of us don’t know about it. So we need third party to store and run our website 24×7. So some third-party provide some physical memory system storage to run your website this is hosting.

Now you ready to create a new website, Then hosting choosing is difficult and tricky process. Because lot of hosting provider available in market. They produce cheapest and best hosting. To find and register is it’s big task. We will see it.

First clear about your website category. Do you want to create blog or website or store. There by you can choose your own hosting. If you want to create blog, choose wordpress hosting or self wordpress best hosting providers.

Types of hosting :

There are three types of hosting available..
1. Shared hosting.
In this type your website and other websites shared same web server. Some condition it affect your website. To run a big business website, shared hosting is not useful. Do you want to create ecommerce website , shared hosting not useful.

2. Virtual server.
Virtual servers are dedicated servers. It Give lot of resources to your website. There by your website achieved high stability. The virtual server useful for small business and small ecommerce website.

3. Dedicated servers :
In this server total resources like cpu server all is allocated to your website only. It suitable for business that who has high traffic rate that has low down time.

Support option :
Support is very important to web host. Because downtime and other factors affect you site visitors. So the support is very important. The fastest response support is important. The support team must live in 24×7 period.
Send the test message to the support team to check the availability of the support team.

Read review in internet :
Before going to buy a hosting, see the review about the particular hosting company. Also compare top hosting company with all parameters. Just check the originality of the review. Most review sites are run by particular hosting company so be aware of this. If you find any review about its own website, it reviewed by own company.

Comparing Features :

1. Storage :
Storage is amount of space that hosting provider give yo your website content. It includes website coding and media files like audio video images. Most of hosting provider tel that they give unlimited space, but practically that is impossible, if you add more files your performance will reduced.

2 Bandwidth .
Most of us don’t know about bandwidth, it is main parameter in hosting. I will explain in Esay manner. If you visit one page in your website, that page size include media is 1 mb. You visit total 10 pages with 1 mb size. So total 10 x 1 = 10 mb given to you. Like that every day 100 people visit your site 100 mb data send to that visitors. When we calculate for month 100 x 30 = 3000 mb , so if you got 3000 visit per month with 1 mb page size. Then you need 3 GB bandwidth, otherwise your site will hanging.

3. Response time :
This parameter is another important , how the server response you in very fast manner. If you enter your site name in browser it send request to server. Then how long time server take time to respond and send pocket to the requester.
You can ping with the website name there by you can able to see the time and pocket details.

4. Uptime :
It a main parameters in hosting. If your uptime is bad there is no use of creating website. Because, you run website with good traffic, in that time your site will go off. In that situation you lose your all visitors. They are not able to reach your website it leads big problem for you. You lose all your earnings. You lose everything by the downtime. Customer expected 24 x 7 service. If the face any difficult the won’t choses you next time. Think it and choses good uptime service. Every hosting give 99% to 100% uptime.
99% – 99.9% there are two uptime , the differenc is 3 day per year. Think it you lose all customer and all earnings in that particular day.

5. Look at other features :
In addition hosting provider provides cpanel and ftp like it more. Some host includes some software like wordpress and etcc. You can simply install that software
And you able to blogging. Like that lot of ecommerce script also available in free in some hosting, After install the script you able to run a good ecommerce website.
Ftp is a another important. There bu only you can upload your files remotely and easily. Some host allow you to create custom email service with you exactly same domain name. That’s very useful to interactive with you customer.

6.Security :
You need some security fo the your website. Otherwise you will attack by hackers or other malware. So be strong in security. Just ensuring you had big security.

7. Operating System :
Maximum all hosting provider provides Linux and Windows hosting. The standard website hosting operating system is Linux. But if you use any custom tool ,it written in Microsoft .Net so you need Windows platform. Windows is less security when compared to Linux.

8. Cost :
Just compare prices with at least 10 website. So you can choose best hosting for small rate. Some one give free hosting but internally the bill to much amount. So make sure the good cost. Some host providers provides package with includes all features. So you must verify what are all features available in that package. Go and see review and compare top most sites then you able to choose good hosting.

9. Buying domain.
Most of all hosting provider provides domain also. But our advice don’t buy domain in hosting provider. You can choose it from your cheapest domain and you can add in hosting.

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How To Add New Post in WordPress with Seo Friendly

add wordpress post new

Hello Friends in this post we going to see How To Publish a post in WordPress very Simple Way. We will see all the parameters to publish a post in WordPress.

Login to your wordpress account. Go to dashboard .

Click the post tab

Add new post subtab

Here you can enter your title for the blog and you can enter the content of the post.

Then if you want you can add category and select category to particular post. And you can add tags to the post.

If you complete all these , you can press the publish button to finish and publish your post.
add wordpress post new
publish post in wordpress
Now we can see the detailed description about the how to publish blog post in WordPress.

Title :
This is the title for your blog. You can use phrases words and some symbols. Don’t use already published title, it leads some problems. You can use commas, apostrophes, quotes, hyphens/dashes and other typical symbols. WordPress Will clean the symbols to create the simple permalink url to increase Sep.

Body :
In the big blank box, you going to enter the full content. There are two options available. Text mode , in this mode you will enter only text. But in visual mode you can add some html code and all.
In the body text box only you will enter all your content like images texting and add some code to design the post.

Preview button :
After you complete the title and content of the post then you can see preview of the post by clicking the preview button. You can see exactly what will the post shows to the users.

Published Box:
Here you can see the status of the post. There is two states one is draft another one is published. If your blog is in draft the post is not publish so far. It waiting for your review, if you publish them your post will post successfully. If you blog is in published then your post is already live in your blog. Here you can set the post to public or set password to the post. So the visitors must know the password to open and read the post.

Permalink :
Permanent link know as permalink in wordpress. If You create post in WordPress you able to set the url of the post. There are some types available. You can create url with your title name. There is seo free, then your url show as your title, so users easily click your site in search results.
Go to admin panel, and go setting > Permalink . Here you can set your permalink . One type permalink is Used only post I’d number. Another is using title of the post. Title of the post permalink is very useful for seo, so choses it, it will very useful for you.

Save :
This option is Used to save and send your post into draft. If you click save your post not go live in you blog. If you want to send the post into live, go to draft and publish it.

Post Tags :
This is very important to Seo. You can set some of tag to your post. This is useful to your visitors.
Example , I set tags to this post like wordpress tutorial,wordpress post,wordpress admin . I set tag to every post. Then user able to click the tags, After they able to see the all related posts to that tags.
Your tags also linked to Google. So you can get more visitors related to the tag searches.

Category :
This is simple features to split the all post into particular categories. You can create a new category, After that you can able to set the post into particular Category.
Go to admin panel » post » add category

Discussion :
There are two checkboxes in that setting. One is allow comments, another is post pingbacks. If you click allowing comments is , users able to comment that post.

Post Author :

If you have multiple authors in your blog. You can set the author of the particular post. So only user able to see the list of the particular posts of the author.


1. Use paragraphs :
No one likes the whole content into story like without paragraphs. So split your content into some paragraphs, so users will attract by your posts.

2. Use heading :
If you create long post you split your content into headtags. Html allow users into split the content into heading. You can set the content into h1 h2 h3 h4 tags. H4 is Used to set the heading of the post.

Subtitle of Section

this syntax used to set the tags.

3. Use html :
If you use html in your post you will get some stylish page in your post. If you want some box marquee and heading you must use html to stylish your site.

4. Use Spellchecker :
Use some text writter to write easily . Some text editor gives spell check. There by you can able to post currect spelling. Spell mistakes reduced your rank in Google. So be carefull

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Simple Way To understand What Is WordPress Tutorial

Hello friends in this topic we going to see about wordpress. Some of internet users must here the word about wordpress. Now I tell you what is wordpress in simple manner. WordPress is a Open Source Content Management System(CMS).

WordPress written in php Language and in backend to store The data MySql is Used. In 25% of website in internet Use wordpress Software. It’s top and more popular content management system. It support more than 60 million websites.

WordPress devoped by wordpress foundation in 2003. It supports both Unix and Windows platform. The official website is .

User can use wordpress in their own wordpress hosting or can use third parties web hosting. In third party web host we need to install the package of wordpress Software. Most of web hosting site provide wordpress includes. You can install by one click then you can use it.

After install everything is easy to manage. In other websites development is little difficult when compared to wordpress. Once you done installation, you can able to publish your own content. You need to put title and relevant story about title. That’s all about posting.

In wordpress have lot of themes inbuilt. You just install your favorite theme. After you need to activate it. That’s all you will get colourful website blog. If you want to change any colour you can customize the css codes. But you need to have strong css and html language knowledge. In other websites you need to write all css and bootstrap code. But wordpress simplify your work. There are lot of wordpress theme developer available in internet. They make suitable themes to you. And there are lot of paid theme also available you can just buy and download after you can install in your wordpress site.

Plugin is important to one website. There is lot of outbound function only run in website using plugins. You can easily get plugins in market and you can make you site function correctly.

WordPress supports multi user and multi blog support. Multi blogging mean the back end database split into multi process so the multi sessions create to obtain multi blogging . WordPress also support multi user so the every register user can create and edit the post.

I think you clearly understand what is wordpress. Now we see most top wordpress using websites. Sony company using wordpress hosting. And mtv using wordpress hosting.
Next blog we Wil see how to install WordPress in shared hosting.

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Top 5 WebHosting Providers to Give Good Services To Run your WebSite

Top Web hosting services providers in 2017

To create website hosting in most important one. There is lot of host providers available in online marketing. Every one give service as lot of parameters.  Here we noted all parameters of the service , there by we ranked host providers.



1. HostGator Cloud: Best Host Overall ($2.99/mo)

LOAD TIME: 521ms (3rd out of 30)


UPTIME: 99.99% (BEST UPTIME) The uptime is very good , so your website will Stay online. yo won’t lose your visitors.


COST: $2.99/mo (ability to pay monthly) it’s a normal cost, I think it’s very cheal


SUPPORT: Live Chat (avg. response ~3min) You can contact support time very fast, you get response very quickly.


2. InMotion: Best Business Hosting ($2.95/mo)


LOAD TIME: 635ms (5th out of 30) it’s a average load time,  but it’s ok it give your website to visitors very quickly


UPTIME: 99.97% (6th out of 30) it’s a fantastic uptime


COST: $2.95/mo it’s a good cost


SUPPORT: Live Chat (avg. response ~7min)


3. A2 Hosting: Best Load Time ($3.92/mo)


LOAD TIME: 353ms (BEST LOAD TIME) it a fantastic uptime  , your website will open quickly.


UPTIME: 99.94% (12th out of 30) good uptime


COST: $3.92/mo average cost


SUPPORT: Live Chat (avg. response ~9min)  it’s a good support time.


4. SiteGround: Best for WordPress ($3.95/mo)


LOAD TIME: 609ms (4th out of 30) it a good uptime


UPTIME: 99.98% (5th out of 30) it’s fantastic uptime


COST: $3.95/mo the cost is good


SUPPORT: Live Chat (avg. response ~2min) They providers very knowledgeable support


5. Bluehost Cloud: Best for Beginners ($5.95/mo)

Are you making website I’m first Time , then bluehost is very good for you.

LOAD TIME: 492ms (2nd out of 30) it s a fantastic load time


UPTIME: 99.82% (21st out of 30)


COST: $5.95/mo it’s high cost



: Live Chat (avg. response ~9min) support is good.