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Artificial intelligence development through java language

robot artificial intelligence

Java Language in Artificial Intelligence

robot artificial intelligence
We already see a article about the artificial intelligence. Te artificial intelligence plays important role in business and all technology. It reduced human work and error. The artificial intelligence is the growing technology. We can create the artificial intelligence robots with all languages like c python and every language. Now in this tutorial we going to see the importance of java in Artificial intelligence.

Java special in Artificial intelligence :

If you search in internet websites, you can able to see lot of language related to the artificial intelligence. The program language like aiml, prolog, strips, planner, pop-11, python, haskel, c++, matlap, java, wplfram language.
Why java is special in Artificial intelligence. Java has a virtual machine technology. You can develop the single version of java application it will run in all java enable computing platform.

Artificial intelligence have some function lie search algorithm, genetic programs, and the neural networks. Java in Artificial intelligence give easy to use.

Java has a swing and set standard widget toolkit. This feature make java graphics and interface look very amazing in Artificial intelligence.

You can get easily Lot of pages related to the artificial intelligence. Java is versatile used to make a robot system sensor networks and machine learning suites.

Artificial intelligence Projects related to java

There is a learning platform called weka is used to develop the machine learning techniques.
Here we can set features selection, criteria evaluation, numerical tasks, data filtering.

Robocode :
If you want to create a robot code then robocode is the best place for you. It’s an open source platform java based game that allows users to create and understand the basic of the java programming. In this tutorial you can create a robot program and strategy develop a programming intelligence.

Joone neural engine :
In this platform that allows you to create train and test the robot neural networks. You can connect a graphical editor and add any scripts.

Pilot mobile robot :
By this platform devolepers create the lot of robot. This robot is used to survive te Greenland and Antarctica. Graphical user interface us developed with the java package called swing. Swing is used to create the front end control, and you can interact the mouse and other with the front end control.

You can create a Robots with a java or JavaScript. There are lot of examples available in internet how to create a chatbot with Facebook messenger.
Beginner can use free open source platform to create the chat bot.

I think you can get some details about java related to artificial intelligence. If you have any concerns just enter the comments.

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How Google Maps Work – Amazing Details to must know

google maps

How Google maps work

google maps
In this century every one use Google maps. It’s make easy our navigation location system. In past we must remember exact place ways to reach the particular area. We can’t remember all the path in all areas. But now by the use of Google maps we can reach and locate all places within minutes. But most of us don’t know about how Google maps work ?. It a magic , how the Google collect the huge amount of data all over the world to build the exact view of maps. Do you wonder about it, then this article only for you. Here you can get the details about how the Google maps work.

Beginning :

Google want to start the service named Google maps. They want to collect all the data and visible to all users. So they collect the data and store in offline the gigabytes of data. But they want to store the data and publish in online. The basic level Google collect the details about the road and other details in offline and upload into online to visible all online users.

The collecting data for Google maps is a big task. The all data not old for 3 years. The update the all data with the frequent time period.

Partners :

Google need some partners to collect the huge amount of data. Park Service, the US Geological Survey, various city and county councils they are all the Google maps partners. they collect the details about the roads rivers water ways and all the obstacles.

Street view :

This is a new functionality in Google maps. Google has a separate car to take a street view. A car contains camara that takes all the 360 degree image in the way the car goes. So we can get the 360 degree view of the road. They send this car to all over area to get the street view all places.

Satellites :

Satellites are important to work the Google maps. Because satellite take the high resolution photos in top of earth . Then these photos are cross checked with the external agencies and the street view. There by they alter the road views and the altered building.

Mistakes changes :

Every day Google made lot of Changes in Google maps . This change includes adding roads and description of the place. And also they fixing the mistakes as well. A thousand of people in Google maps working hardly to adding and editing the maps. All reports are reviewed by mannualy and submitted.

Conclusion how Google maps work:

I think you got some details about the Google maps and how Google map work. After reading this article when you using Google map just think thousands of people working in background to run a service.

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What is Artificial intelligence & Applications In various Fields

Artificial intelligence is known as machine intelligence rathen than natural intelligence, human and animal have some intelligence now the machine also loaded with some factors.

Artificial intelligence
The definition is which machine do the work with intelligence with mimic the human work that is called Artificial intelligence .

Artificial intelligence was Started fo the purpose of do job like human , To simulate machines like Humanman. In that conditions the machine has philosophy,myths,fiction,antiquity. So some people told that is dangerous for human life.

Reasoning and problem solving :
The main test in Artificial intelligence is reasoning and problem solving. Because to work like human the machine need reasoning thinking and in some conditions they take decision also. The researchers make these factors to the Artificial intelligence robots.

Learning :

In Artificial intelligence the learning capacity is main requirements. So only the robot done some work and do the reasoning jobs. In robot development the robot allows to read the novel so only they can collaborative with students and teachers.

Language :

Natural language processing give the ability to the robot understand and read the human languages.

Motion and manipulation :

In Artificial intelligence motion is very important factor. The map with GPS is also important. Objects manipulation with GPS navigation and location is required to hand such tasks.

Applications :

Online web application :
An automated online assistance provides smart work with the online application. This automated tool do some primitive works through online application.

Toys and games :

In 1990 they first introduced artificial intelligence Toys for education purposes.
The digital evaluation was Started in that era. The children entertainment and studying focus by artificial intelligence . Some companies make artificial intelligence toys for three age kids. This toy purposes is speech recognition. So the kids able to speak and understand the conversation uneasily.


In some artificial intelligence done the work fo searching job. Bt group company deploy one artificial intelligence search options then it scheduled job for all employees.

Online and customer service.

Now lot of companies implemented the automated customer Service. In online you can conversation with that tool,it helps you clear your doubt. Now some company implemented artificial intelligence to satisfy their customers.
Google implemented language to text converting, it give details about customer mood whether they are angry or not. There by easily understand and satisfy the customer.

Ip soft:
This technology give details about customer emotion there by adopting with the customer.

News :

Echobox is a software company, they provides automated tool to post article in social media automatically.
Narrative science is a company provides feature that analyze the sport and finance , then automatically generates News.

Music :
Artificial intelligence tool support music field also. The developer design some algorithm this make some music function.

A classical album named lamus release u n 2012. It’s fully composed by artificial intelligence.
Melomics it a artificial intelligence composed music , it used in medical field to reduce pain and stress relief.

Human resources :
Artificial intelligence tool used in human resource. The tool use analyze the resume and ranked the candidate according to the qualifications. The find the job matching for the candidate.
Pomato a artificial intelligence tool analysis the 200000 resumes in seconds.

Medical field :
In medical field artificial intelligence tool is used to find tumor in human body. When you going to scan, the tool is used to find the exact area and highlight the area.
The artificial intelligence used to find heart sound analysis.
Companion robot is used to care the elderly people.

Heavy Industry :
In many heavy heavy industry uses artificial intelligence robots to done some critical work. In industry some work is dangerous for human health. In that particular work is easyily done by robot without any problems. They reduce the mistakes in production.
Chaina, Japan, germany, and United states used high amount of industrial robots.

Finance :

In finance field artificial intelligence take main part. It take some trading decision. It makes analysis of full financial reporting. And it do some work like data mining. It work some your personal finance also.

Education :

In some company created artificial intelligence teaching robot. It teach students to biology to computer science.

Computer science :

In computer science everything is program. The program is used to create the software. Human is used to create the software and all applications. Now, the programmers develop the artificial intelligence tool. Then this tools used to create the program. So it reduced the work for the programmers.

Conclusion :
Artificial intelligence is the growing field. After some years the world fully occupied by the artificial intelligence tool.
I think this article is helping to you.
Do you have any comments, just post here.
Thank you for reading this article.

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Cloud Hosting Explanation And Top cloud hosting Providers

cloud hosting

cloud hosting

More hosting company nowadays provides cloud hosting. They are all also slowly moved into cloud hosting. Lot of companies give offers in cloud web host to get strong customer base. They give little amount of cost also. We will see what is cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting :

In Normal web hosting your data and applications run in one server but in cloud hosting your data and other applications run in different server. That is called cluster, load balancer is use to send the request to free server. This concept is called cloud web hosting.

Benefits :

In Normal conditions, your website popular suddenly you get lot of visitors in that conditions you used your all resources, then after crossing the limit you your service will not run. This u
Is a problem in shared service. You need special solutions fo the problem. In cloud you will not face this issue. Because you have several server load balancer do the job to reduce the risk.

Scalability :

In cloud computing you cross your limit then your application will hung. In tat situation you can bring another cloud near you. So you can run your service continues. If you want you can add extra cloud if you don’t want you can leave them out.

Examples :
Do you run a ecommerce website. In normal time you get average 10000-50000 visitors. You have the shared hosting now. There is no problem at all. Your server run currectly, in normal time.
Now you decide to give some amazing offer . You advertise the amazing option to all people. In that conditions lot of people access your site to buy a product in amazing offer. So totally around 500000 people access your site. In that conditions your server will go down. You lose all your customers. So in that conditions you need special option. That is cloud. Add cloud in offer time. Remove it in normal time.

Saving :

In shared and dedicated web hosting you need to pay the subscription. It have included all features. You may not use all features in that plan. But you charged for all features. But in cloud hosting you need to pay what you used.

Public cloud :

In that type of cloud hosting your data is stored in one server. If that server is busy then it is moved into another virtual server. In that type your resources is in shared type. It java available in multiple areas.

Physical security :

Your all data is stored in datacenter. The datacenter is in highly secure place. No can enter the data center. Even nobody’s know where is the datacenter. So your data is stored in very high secured place.

Private cloud hosting :

In private cloud hosting there is a limitation. The server makes a ring type. Your data is process and store in that particular servers only. It will not used other server without the ring. It Give more security to your data.

Top ten web Cloud hosting Company :

1. Cloud hosting company got 4.8 stars. They provide high virutual servers. They give 7 gb Ram and free control panel with ssl certificate. Starting price is $19.88.They provide 25-250 GB space.

2. Cloud hosting company provides Don of virtual server. The also Give root access of the servers. They provide unlimited mysql database and free domain. They charge $19.88 Per month. The disc space is 25Gb to 3 TB.

3. Cloud hosting company get 4.8 star rating. They provide 2-4 core processor with 8 gp cpu. They provide sitelock and backup facilities. The customer support available for 24 hours. The also charg $19.99.

4. Cloud hosting company get 4.8 stars. They provide high cloudflare security. They boost your performance and provide free migration. They cost around $29.59. They provide disk space is 5 gb to 1.6 tb . Cloud hosting company provides unlimited database and ftp account. They give unlimited domain and mailing service. They give amazing level of bandwidth ut around 4tb. The disk space is 120gb it is a San storage. The cost is $19.99.

6. Cloud hosting company get 4.6 stars rating also get cpanel includes and have ssl certificate and unlimited domain controller. They give ssh and private domain access. They charge $80 Per month. They provide 80-12gb storage.

7. Cloud hosting company get 4.7 ratings. They give cpanel control and you performance San storage. They give anytime money back guarantee. Any the cost of the services is $19.99 Per month. They give 40-120 Gb.

8. . Cloud hosting company get 4.2 stars rating. They give 20gb to 3 tb hard disk . They give anytime money back guarantee. They cost is $14.99 . They give 30-240 gp disk space.

They get 3.8 stars rating. They give high data transfer bandwidth. 2000 gb bandwidth. The give free domain and 100 domain up to. They give $40 and they give $10-50 disk storage disk.

Conclusion :
Cloud hosting is a new way to running your business with less uptime and give give performance. If you want to design ecommerce Cloud hosting is good option for you.

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Infrastructure as a service A Detailed explanation with vendors

Infrastructure as a service

Infrastructure as a service

In this article we going to see infrastructure as a service.

Hello friends we are already see the te detailed explanation about the cloud. The cloud have some type’s. We are see the only type of cloud. We already see about software as a Service we will see about infrastructure as a service.

What is infrastructure as a service ?
Who want infrastructure as a service ?
What type hardware they provides ?
Who provides that service ?
How much that cost ?
What is the Advantages of infrastructure as a service ?
What is the Disadvantages of Infrastructure as a service ?

Infrastructure as a service :

The definition of the infrastructure is to do some work we need some physical thing that is called infrastructure. For example To eat we need some foods and plate, that is infrastructure.

In information technology business the infrastructure is a computer hardware includes and network storage boxes. They provide hardware facilities to you to run the business. The infrastructure as a Service is a growing business in the world. All the company now moved into cloud specialy the infrastructure as a service.

When they Don have ability to build the infrastructure they can reduce the cost by buying the infrastructure as a Service.

Who Want Infrastructure as a service ?

Are you going to start a new business. You need some office, human resources, hardware and software.
You need to build a building for the human and hardware. Hardware also occupied some extra place . To build the data center in the office is also risk. It need some cooling function and power supply. It cost very much. To reduce the cost you need to outsource your hardware to other vendors.

Suppose you need hardware for temporary business , it’s very bad to buy the hardware with high cost . You you need outsource it. The hardware outsource is called infrastructure as a service.

What type hardware they provides ?

The infrastructure as a service provider provides all the hardware items you want use in information technology field.

Now you ready to run a business, you want to store some data about your sales and customer. In that conditions you need server to manage and process the data. A server need network facilities to up your service they provide network and server.

Noq You need to store the data, so they provides higher capacity storage box also. After that anything happen your data will lose without warning in that conditions you need backup , infrastructure as a service vendor provides also backup facilities. So they give complete support your hardware requirements. They also provides support and maintain the hardware.

They give the infrastructure facilities then you can run a software in the hardware. This a only step you need to do.
Who provides infrastructure as a service ?

Amazon AwS :

Amazon provides high computing infrastructure facilities to you. They give all facilities with thigh integrated monitoring tool. So you can maintain this hardware easily.
If you are new you the give 30gb 759 hours with 15 gb bandwidth free.
Otherwise the cost is $0.11-6 Per hour.
The storage cost is $0.09-0.15 Per gp per month.

Windows Azure :

The Windows Azure not only the Windows. The administration what to run the business with the Windows platform. The provides all business requirements . The provides functional infrastructure. The provides virtual network message ques and no relation business storage. This is easy to manageable fo the Windows admin.
The cost is $0.02-1.6 Per hour service.
They also charged $0.07-0.12 Per gb per month.

Google computer Engine :

Google computer Engines used for bigdata company and who want warehouse the data. They give full analaytic features with monitoring. Their infrastructure give full global the give fiber network with all over world to give high computing speed.
The cost is $ 0.18- 1.65 Per hour per service. The give service $ 0.07-0.12 Per month per gb.

Rackspace open cloud :

Rack space offer a high performance cloud services with full customer focus. The rack spact co founder is a openstack so you can run your service in both of the platform. You can easily switch over to one to another. You can get access your service via the http protocol.

IBM Smart Cloud Enterprise :

Ib smart cloud enterprise provides cloud services with storage and computing service with 4 tyre model. It supports all IBM and non IBM platform. It supports as enterprise level of service. Here cost not disclose the cost is available for hours by monthly, you can contact IBM of more info.

Hp enterprise Infrastructure :

The provides openstack cloud service To the public. They provide public and private hybrid service also. They give Windows and Linux command line interface with the dashboard. It provides content distribution useful for who have branches over global.
Instantly the cost is $ 0.3-3.40 Per hour. The storage cost is $ 0.09 Per month per gb.