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How to delete password in Firefox

Delete password in Firefox

Do you want to delete your old saved password in your Firefox. We will explain it in this tutorial. Use below steps to delete password in Firefox.

Open Firefox , select the MENU button located in upper right corner.

Choose options

Select the Saved login.

Now you can see the all list of websites. Select the particular site to delete the password.

You want to clear all password then click the Remove All to delete.

Click Close after finishing the Remove.

If you don’t want to save your password in future , uncheck the REMEMBER LOGIN FOR SITE ”

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How to change language in Google Chrome

How to change language in chrome

Do you want to change the language in Google chrome browser, follow these steps to Change it.


1. Select the three dot icon in the browser. It’s available in the upper right portion.

2. Scroll down at bottom select ADVANCED then select LANGUAGE

3. after that Select ADD LANGUAGE then click ADD to add desired language.

After added the require Language you can down it with priority.

Android mobile

In mobile chrome language depends upon the settings in the device. Find it in Setting – Language and input.

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Disable Google Chrome location prompt

Disable Google location prompt

When you browsing in Google chrome some time you may get some pop-up like website to access your location. In some time it will irritate for you. We give the solution to disable Google location prompt.

Go to Google chrome
Scroll down Select ADVANCED
Change the setting to BLOCKED

Website listed in the allow are able to access your location .

If you want select the trash icon to access your location data.

You can allow the site to access your locations in mobile by just enable the GPS icon . Go to GPS option and Allow it. That’s all. Disable Google location

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Firefox Referer Enable Disable

Firefox Referer option

Referer means if you in one website and you go to another website. Then the new website know the old website address. So your some privacy is missing in that setting.

You can turn on or turn off the referer settings in Firefox. We will guide you to how to do that.

Open the Firefox browser and type ” about:config ” in the address box.

Then you got one popup like warning ” I accept the risk ”

Next says ” network.http.sendRefererHeader ” then double click it.

Now you need to set the value to enable or disable this option.

Set 0 to disable it

Set 1 for allowing the referrer one website to another.

Set 2 for allowing referrer when click link or loading image.

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Android mobile Team Viewer – Control Laptop pc with mobile [ Full steps ]

android mobile team viewer

Android mobile team Viewer
android mobile team viewer

How to control pc with android mobile team viewer.

Introduction :

If you have a pc , in your pc you have some importance file. You went office without bringing the files. You Must need the file now. Your office is very long away from your home. So you will not able to go home and take the file. Every one faced this type of situations. But now we have the solution for that. The solution is android mobile team Viewer .

Android mobile team Viewer :

Every one search in Google how to control pc or laptop with the android mobile. But it’s true. You can easily control your pc or laptop with your android mobile with the use of android mobile team Viewer.

Team viewer is found in Germany. This application allows you to control and get documents from laptop or pc to mobile. This software is very easy to handle , child also easily handle it. It Give interconnect your mobile to pc or laptop.

Needs to control laptop pc with team viewer :

The first thing you need network. You Must connect your pc or laptop with the online not offline. So only you can control your pc or laptop with the android mobile team Viewer. You need lan connection or WiFi connection. If you had not this network connection then you need Mobile network connection.

How to use android mobile team Viewer to control your pc or laptop by android mobile phone.

1. You need network facilities first. Because the network only give access to mobile to laptop. You need network connection both mobile and laptop. You need online in both devices. Because no work will be done in offline.

2. Now you need the actual team Viewer software. Click this link to Download the team Viewer in your pc or laptop.

3. Now you want to android mobile team Viewer software. Go to play store and and search the name as team Viewer and install it your mobile.

4. Now open the team Viewer software in your laptop. Then the team Viewer software automatically generated a Id and password for you. Just note it down and don’t share with anyone. Because with the help of only you going to control pc or laptop. If share this , then anyone able to view your laptop.

5. Now open the android team Viewer mobile applications. It ask a id and password. Enter your id and click Remote Control. Now it ask for password. Just enter your password. That’s all now you able to control your pc or laptop.

Instructions android mobile team Viewer :

You can tap to click on the computer.
Swipe to move your mouse.
Tap and hold to click right. (with this you can refresh your PC)
Double tap on the screen and you can drag and drop any item on PC.
Two fingers drag to scroll down or up.
You can zoom the screen by a pinch. Just like zooming any photo.

Conclusion :

I think now you get some details about how to control laptop or pc by using team Viewer mobile applications. If you have any comments just enter here. If you like it just share this article with your friends.