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Skype For Business

skype for business enable users

Enable users Skype for business

In this tutorial we going to give full details to how to enable users in Skype for business or lync. This is the first step for the Skype for business admin.

skype for business enable usersTo enable the users previously we Must configure the all required policy. You can see other posts,I discussed all the policy and how to create every policy.

1. Go to control Skype for business panel and login with your credentials. Go to USERS .

2. In that page just click ENABLE USERS. Now you can see the form with many options. Intialy you need to select the user from Active directory. Click ADD button. Then just enter the user first name or second name. And click FIND.

3. After that the result came , select the particular user and click OK.

4. Now you need to assign the pool to the users. Just select the active production pool.

5. Now the main steps is generating the SIP uri to the user. This is nothing,only Skype login I’d. You can select the USE USERS EMAIL ADRESS or you can enter manual address to this user. I recommend the use email option otherwise the user confused with email I’d and sip I’d.

6. Now you need to select the TELEPHONY OPTIONS. It have some options PC-TO-PC when you assign this,then the user only call to Skype to Skype only.

When you select enterprise voice you can call to any number , you can assign any number to the users.

7. LINEURI – if you enable enterprise voice then you can assign number to the user. The line uri format must be tel:+1234567890 like this.

Skype for business give some amazing features to the users. You can create a conference meeting. You can create and assign the policy with your organization requirements. You can set desktop sharing also in this policy.

This policy only allows user to login in particular Skype for business client.

When user need to create and manage the conference then the user need pin. You can select and configure some policy here .
This policy only allows user to communicate with external domain users.

This enable the logs to the all transactions and backup.

It restricted the user to login in certain locations.

This policy allows user to login in the mobile android and iPhone client software.

This policy allows the user can chat with the group members.

This policy allows the user to use certain Skype for business client only.

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Lync voice policy – Skype for business

lync voice policy

Lync voice policy – Skype for businesslync voice policy

In this article we going to see How To create lync voice policy ( Skype for business voice policy ).

Voice policy is very important for the enterprise voice features. This only allows user to call any other lync user or any other number. We can see the steps to create the voice policy now.

1. Just go to web control panel Skype for business or lync console. Login with your credentials.

2. Now go to VOICE ROUTING option. If you already create any lync voice policy ( Skype for business voice policy ) , You can see the all the policy here. If you want to edit the policy just DOUBLE CLICK the existing policy then you can edit it.

3. If you want to create new voice policy click NEW , then click the user or site policy. If you want to apply the policy to specific user you can select the user policy. If you want to apply it for all the site users then click site.

4. After that a new page will open. In that page just enter lync voice policy name in NAME. enter te short description in the DESCRIPTION box.

5. Now you need to select the calling options to this lync voice policy. Under the calling features you can see the many options.

6. If you want to give call forwarding option to this policy then click the check box in ENABLE CALL FORWARDING. If you want to ring the all phones, then go for the ENABLE SIMULTANEOUS RINGING OF PHONE. Just like that you can see many features, I will list down all this option.

7. Enable call forwarding
Enable team call
Enable delegation
Enable PSTN reroute
Enable call transfer
Enable bandwidth policy override
Enable call park
Enable malicious call tracing
Enable simultaneous ringing of phone.

You can select the options which you want in your organization requirements. And you can also set the pstn configuration also. We will see PSTN Configuration in other tutorial. Now you can click OK and COMMIT ALL to save this lync voice policy ( Skype for business voice policy ).

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Lync Dial plan – Skype for business

lync dial plan

Lync Dial plan – Skype for businesslync dial plan

In this tutorial we going to share how to create and configure the lync dial plan ( Skype for business). This dial plan give dial pad to the all users. You need to enable the enterprise voice feuture to the users. Then the dial plan is applicable to the particular users.

Steps to create lync dial plan ( Skype for business ) :

1. Just login the lync or Skype for business control panel with your organization credentials.

2. After that you can see the list of menu. Go to VOICE ROUTING

3. Then click the DIAL PLAN setting.

4. Here you can see the all the lync dial plan – ( Skype for business ) you created in past. Now here you can create new Dial plan. You can edit old the dial plan.

5. If you want to edit lync dial plan ( Skype for business dial plan ) you can see the search box. Just enter the name and find the particular dial plan . Then just click the EDIT and click SHOW DETAILS. Then you can edit and modify the dial plan. Or simply just double click the previous dial plan then you can able to modify the dial plan.

6. Now we can see how to create new lync dial plan ( Skype for business dial plan ). Click NEW , here you can see the site,pool,user. This three options give the scope of the dial plan. If you select pool then this dial plan applicable for all the users in the pool. When you select site then it applicable for all the user in the site. Then you can select users to apply to specific users.

7. Now enter any name in NAME box. Select any name in SIMPLE NAME. enter anything you want in DESCRIPTION.

8. Then, enter the Dial in conferencing region. This region only reflect in the Dial in conferencing Number assignment.

9. After that, enter external access prefix. If you want to test this plan you can set the number in DIALED NUMBER TO TEST.

10. Now just click Ok . All the settings is saved now. You need to do one more step after click Ok.

11. After clicking ok, Go to COMMIT and click COMMIT ALL. If you want to check the changes you made then click REVIEW UNCOMMITTED CHANGES. Here you can check the all the changes you made.

12. Now your new lync dial plan ( Skype for business dial plan ) is successfully created. You can assign this policy to the particular users,site or pool.

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Microsoft Office 365 Details – Plans, Features, Advantages and Applications

microsoft office 365

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft office 365 is the Microsoft product it give some software service. It s subscription , it contains groups of software related to productivity. This subscription contains Microsoft office, Windows Mac os, ios, android , Windows 10 os. It Give one file storage system. It Give 60 Skype free minutes .microsoft office 365

For a business purposes, it gives exchange server, Skype for business server, SharePoint and office online service.

It released in 2011 June 28. It supports Windows, Mac os, android and ios.

In simple words Microsoft office 365 is software as service related to cloud computing.

Microsoft Office 365 History

Microsoft announced the office 365 in 2010. They released beta version in 2011 April. And the original version released in June 28 2011. After releasing that product there’s a competition between office 365 and Google apps.
In initial stages they released two plans. One is enterprize and small business.

Small business :
Exchange e-mail, lync online, SharePoint online and web hosting via share point.

Enterprise :
In enterprise edition comes with user license and 24×7 support.

In 2013 a New version released with new plan.
Small business premium
Midsize premium
Pro plus
A new premium home plan introduced to home users. It suitable for 5 computer with one drive storage and 60 minutes Skype calls.

In 2014 they increase the storage 20Gb to 1 Tb.

Microsoft Office 365 Features

Office 365 consists of numbers of software and services. We can manage the software using online sign in.

Outlook :
In that outlook pack you can get e-mail service, task manager, outlook calendar and outlook people. In office 365 has a clutter concept, whenever you enable it, it store your ignored message in outlook folder.

Education service :
They provide some educational services also. It Give live messenger service and live sky drive and live work space.

Microsoft Office 365 Plans

Personal plan :
It contains Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Publisher & Microsoft service. You can use only one pc or one Mac adress. In a four year subscription you can get one user account with two devices.

Home plan :
In this plan mainly for mainframe users. You can get 5 user account with five devices.

Business essential :
In this plan you can get access to hosted Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync services, and Office Online for the web-based versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

Business :
In this plan they offered some software to the users. Every user can access five different computers. The get service without online services Exchange, SharePoint and Lync Online.

Business premium :

In this plan you cm get business and business essential services.

Midsize business :
In this plan aimed to get 100-300 employees. You can get ProPlus, plus hosted Exchange, SharePoint, and Skype for Business services.

Enterprise :
In this plan you can get hosted Exchange, SharePoint, and Skype for Business services, plus unlimited 24 x 7 support.

conclusion Of Microsoft office 365

I give some basic Details about the Microsoft office 365. I think it will help for you. If you have any concerns and comments just enter here.

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How Enable Lync Mobile Access Policy – Mobility Policy

lync mobility policy

lync mobility policy

lync Mobility Policy

In this article we going to see How To enable mobility policy to certain users. There by the use can access the Lync in their mobile.
The user can able to call via work, voip, video call. The user can set their work number there by the can prevent their personal numbers from other users. The user can use cellular network or WiFi.
Configure the voip make user can able to get voice and video call.

Lync admin only get the rights to set mobility policy to the users.
Admin can set this policy to site , global and user. There by the policy applying to the particular users.

Prerequisites :

To get this feature you fulfil some prerequisites.

1.User must be enable in lync ,2013 server.
2. User Mus enable for enterprise voice.
3. User must assigned mobility policy ,in that optiom must set enable mobility.
4. User must enable enterprise voice policy that have enable simultaneous ringing option.
5. Enable output opinions in mobility policy.

Global mobility policy :

1. Login the server which has the lync 2013 server.
2. Start the lync management shell.
Start » all programs » lync server 2013 » management shell.
3. Run this command to turnoff global site mobility policy.

Set-CsMobilityPolicy -EnableMobility $False -EnableOutsideVoice $False

Site mobility policy :

1. Login the particular server.
2. Go to lync management shell.
2. Now type the command. This command used to create new site policy, that disable Audi video and enable WiFi for video and audio.

New-CsMobilityPolicy -Identity site: -EnableIPAudioVideo $False -RequireWiFiForIPAudio $True -RequireWiFiForIPVideo $True

3. User policy .

To set particular user only use the mobility policy, then you can run the bellow command . Just modify then run it whatever you want.

New-CsMobilityPolicy -Identity -EnableMobility$False -EnableOutsideVoice $FalseGrant-CsMobilityPolicy -Identity -PolicyName

Conclusion :

I think this article is help to you. Just enter your comments. Thank you for reading.