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IT service outsourcing risks

It service outsourcing risks

It service outsourcing risks list

it service outsourcing risks

In Previous article we discussed about the IT service outsourcing benefits . It service outsourcing benefits IT service outsourcing has lot of benefits,but the same time it has few risks. In this it service outsourcing risks make lot of conflict in your customers and damage your business so you must know all about the IT service outsourcing risks.

1. Employee moral

The employee moral missing is the one of main IT service outsourcing risks. Because when you manage your own IT , the employee know about your business. They work with moral because they know your business. So the amount of mistakes made by employe is reduced in own IT service management.

But when you outsource your IT service,the employee doesn’t know about your business very well. So they work for thier company not for your company. If they made any mistakes they will move into another project. But the loss is your company. So this is the main IT service outsourcing risks

2. Leads bad situation

We already know about the employee Moral. When you outsource it service , if any mistakes created. Then it will lead your business down entirely. Because it reduced your customers satisfaction. It leads very bad situation to your company business.

When you run ecommerce company. If You got daily 10000 order in one hour, when the server goes down for 1 hour, then you miss the 10000 order and you will got bad user experience it leads they will pick another company. So it leads your business down. This is also one of it service outsourcing risks

3. Risk

Risk the meaning is you playing with your business. When you lose in the IT service game you will lose your business. So select good managed it service for your business. So only you can reduce it service outsourcing risks.
Monitor your it service daily, when the graph go down you need to take action immediately to save your business.

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Managed IT service Outsoucing Benefits

it service

It service

In this article we going to see IT service management benefits . We explained the five key points to IT service outsourcing.

it service
1. Cost management

The big challenge in your own IT service is cost. You need to recruit the technical people. In the IT service department the technical resources ask high amount.

The another main thing is infrastructure service management. When you try to build your own IT service you need hardware,storage,backup etcc. So this leads high cost, you need huge money to make the infrastructure to maintain the IT service.

The infrastructure and technical resources increase the cost. You need to build these with high cost for small or big business also. So it eat your cost.

When you outsource your IT support you can reduce your cost.

2. Staff management

When you decide to manage your own IT support management, then the big tension is staff management. Because you need to collaborate with your Staff. Every staff with different mentality it’s difficult to manage.

So you need to focus on the business and you need to focus on the IT support staff also.

When any staff leave the position then you Need to recruit the position immediate to avoid the work pressure and other problems.

When you outsource your IT service management ,then the company have lot of employees,if any one leave they will manage it fastly. They have high experience in the staff management. So you can focus on the your business.

3. Technology updating

This is rarely case but very important case. Because IT department is growing day by day. Therefore your staff must update their technical things.

You need to update your staff technical things by conducting the seminar or other KT thing. Its a additional headache to you. But all staff are not ready to update the technology and they will not capable to update the technical.

When you outsource it then the company recruit the updated technical person. So you won’t worried about the thechnical updating.

4. Focusing business

The above three parameters reduce the you business focus. Because it reduced your attention in the business. So the best option is outsourcing your IT service.

5. 24*7 support

This is main thing for support the datacenter. When you has high datacenter, it may have lot of servers. Server can easily crashed without any warning. So you need to monitor the server 24×7 bar support.

When you missed in the 24×7 then it may affect your business. It leads bad experience to your customers.

The all it service management company run in 24×7 shift. So the best way is outsourcing your IT service.

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Domain Age Important – Research with The Detailed Keyword Analysis [ New blogger Must Read ]

domain age important seo

domain age important seo

Domain age important seo Research

Hello friends in this article I research about is realy the domain age important seo to rank higher position. I take three keywords and search in Google and I take top ten results domain with domain age. Finally we Wil get some answers about the domain age important in seo.
Are you new blogger then surely this article for you only because you only in confused stage about seo.

Introduction to domain age important research

I am a New blogger my site is now old only 32 days. I searched lot of seo blogs article but finally I got confused. Because no blog provides right information about search engine optimization. Every website give their own thinking article this is not exactly true.
If you search about seo Google ranking, then you can see many results. They are give thier own strategy to rank in top position. But the reality is they are all give not exactly right information to you. Search engine optimization is related to many factors. Their website rank higher position with many factors, they don’t know about the their ranking factors. The give the basic Details.
Here after I will research about all factors related to ranking with search engine optimization. So in this article I take domain age important.
You can find in many article, domain is important to rank higher position. We will see really is it important.

Keyword 1 Domain age important analysis: earn money online

In First step I took earn Money online keyword. I searched in Google and take the top ten results domain. And collect some data about this domain age and I listed it. You can see the domain ages with full details.

3 Years 3 Month 24 Days

This is the first domain . It ranked in 1 st position that’s amazing because the age is 3 years only.


Domain Name:
Domain Length: 15
Domain Age: 1 years, 1 months
Date Created: 2016-09-20
Date Expires: 2018-09-20
Registrar: INRegistry

This domain ranked in second position. It occupied second position. The domain age is 1 yea only. It’s incredible.
It shows as one thing you can get top position with just 1 year age domain only.


Domain Name:
Domain Length: 6
Domain Age: 2 years, 2 months
Date Created: 2015-08-22
Date Expires: 2020-08-22
Registrar:, LLC

This domain ranked third position with the age of two years.

Domain Name:
Domain Length: 9
Domain Age: 6 years, 5 months
Date Created: 2011-05-06
Date Expires: 2019-05-06
Registrar:, LLC
This domain ranked in fourth place. This age is six year.
So far this domain is highly age compared to previous domain.

5. Domain Name:
Domain Length: 10
Domain Age: 20 years, 11 months
Date Created: 1996-11-22
Date Expires: 2018-11-21
Registrar: Tucows Domains Inc.
It’s awesome because this domain age is 20 years, but it rank only 5 th position.


Domain Name:
Domain Length: 16
Domain Age: 4 years, 7 months
Date Created: 2013-03-08
Date Expires: 2018-03-08
Registrar: INRegistry

It’s normal age domain with four age with sixth position.

Domain Name:
Domain Length: 6
Domain Age: 7 years, 0 months
Date Created: 2010-10-19
Date Expires: 2019-10-19
Registrar: eNom, Inc.
It is also seven age domain. Occupied in seventh position.

8. Domain Name:
Domain Length: 12
Domain Age: 2 years, 4 months
Date Created: 2015-05-28
Date Expires: 2019-05-28
Registrar: INRegistry
Its good because the domain age is 2 years only with eight position.

Domain Name:
Domain Length: 17
Domain Age: 9 years, 4 months
Date Created: 2008-06-12
Date Expires: 2020-06-12
Registrar: PDR Ltd. d/b/a
Its ninth position with 9th rank.

Domain Name:

Domain Length: 13
Domain Age: 21 years, 6 months
Date Created: 1996-04-12
Date Expires: 2023-04-13
Registrar: Tucows Domains Inc.
Over all this domain is very old twenty age old. It occupied 10 position.

Conclusion :

Every one said the Domain age important . yes it’s little bit true. You can see the all top 10 results one thing you will understand the little domain age is one year 1 month and bigger age is above 20 .

Keyword Domain age important analysis 2: buy pitza online

Ok friends we already saw results about Domain age important with earn money online keyword. We can not justify the results with one keyword. We need to analyze little bit more. So I take another keyword. This keyword is very important one. Because now every one use this keyword, it has high search volume. Last keyword has mixed domain ages with little competition but now this keyword has huge competition Because it is a business related keyword. So everyone must did strong search engine optimization. So it will give good results to us. Ok now we see the results about this keywords Domain age important.

Domain Name:
Domain Length: 7
Domain Age: 12 years, 7 months
Date Created: 2005-03-03
Date Expires: 2018-03-03
Registrar: INRegistry
The first domain is dominos official website it has 12 years old. Clearly it take the first position. We will see next competitor

Domain Name:
Domain Length: 8
Domain Age: 14 years, 2 months
Date Created: 2003-07-31
Date Expires: 2019-07-31
Registrar: INRegistry

This is also pitzahut official website.
It ranked second position. The domain age is 14 years .

3. Domain Name:
Domain Length: 9
Domain Age: 5 years, 8 months
Date Created: 2012-01-28
Date Expires: 2018-01-28
Registrar: INRegistry


Three to seven position occupied by the
Foodpanda website. The domain age is nine years.

Domain Name:
Domain Length: 9
Domain Age: 22 years, 2 months
Date Created: 1995-07-29
Date Expires: 2019-07-28
Registrar: Network Solutions, LLC.
This domain ranked in eighth position with 22 years old.

Domain Name:
Domain Length: 8
Domain Age: 16 years, 1 months
Date Created: 2001-09-18
Date Expires: 2021-09-18
Registrar: PDR Ltd. d/b/a

This domain ranked nine position with 16 years old.

Domain Name:
Domain Length: 7
Domain Age: 23 years, 3 months
Date Created: 1994-07-05
Date Expires: 2019-07-04
Registrar: MarkMonitor Inc.

This domain is seven years old. It occupied tenth position.

Conclusion :

We already seen this is very competitive keyword Domain age important . All ten position occupied by the official website of food companies. It all has very old domain ages. The small domain age is five years it occupied third position. The highest is 23 years. So it will tell us the domain age is very very important to ranked with high competitive keywords.

Keyword Domain age important analysis 3: Mobile phones offer

Before we saw some Domain age important results related to two keywords earn money online and buy pitza online. Now we going to see another strong keyword. This is very very competitive keyword. The keyword is mobile phone offer. Many online stores was occupied first page position. The huge competition available This keyword. We will see the results to this keyword.

Domain Name:
Domain Length: 8
Domain Age: 15 years, 0 months
Date Created: 2002-09-25
Date Expires: 2022-09-25
Registrar:, LLC

Snapdeal occupied the first position, in India snapdeal is the good e commerce company they take the first position. The age of the domain is 15 years.


Domain Name:
Domain Length: 6
Domain Age: 12 years, 8 months
Date Created: 2005-02-11
Date Expires: 2018-02-11
Registrar: INRegistry

Amazon international ecommerce website which provides the good service to the customer. It occupied the second position. Their domain age is 12 years old.


Domain Name:
Domain Length: 8
Domain Age: 10 years, 4 months
Date Created: 2007-06-03
Date Expires: 2022-06-03
Registrar:, LLC

Flipkart is the Indian top company in ecommerce which occupied the third position and ranked in third position.

Domain Name:
Domain Length: 7
Domain Age: 6 years, 1 months
Date Created: 2011-09-17
Date Expires: 2018-09-17
Registrar:, LLC
This domain ranked in fourth place. It has six year domain age .

Domain Name:
Domain Length: 14
Domain Age: 11 years, 5 months
Date Created: 2006-05-03
Date Expires: 2019-05-03
Registrar: PDR Ltd. d/b/a

India mobile seller company which hold fifth position and it has 11 years old.

Domain Name:
Domain Length: 7
Domain Age: 18 years, 0 months
Date Created: 1999-09-25
Date Expires: 2018-09-25
Registrar: Hetzner Online GmbH

Quicker has seven years old and it occupied sixth position.

Domain Name:
Domain Length: 12
Domain Age: 3 years, 11 months
Date Created: 2013-11-02
Date Expires: 2020-11-02
Registrar: BigRock Solutions Limited

Its some amazing because previous all website are ecommerce website but now this website is only three years old but it ranked in first page with seventh position.

Domain Name:
Domain Length: 5
Domain Age: 14 years, 4 months
Date Created: 2003-06-23
Date Expires: 2023-06-23
Registrar:, LLC

Paytm is mobile wallet with provides many service to the customers. It ranked eight position. It has 14 years domain age.

Domain Name:
Domain Length: 8
Domain Age: 2 years, 1 months
Date Created: 2015-09-23
Date Expires: 2025-09-23
Registrar:, LLC

This website is ranked in ninth position and amazing it has two years only.


Domain Name:
Domain Length: 10
Domain Age: 8 years, 7 months
Date Created: 2009-03-18
Date Expires: 2018-03-18
Registrar: Tucows Domains Inc.
This is the good review website with have 8 years domain age and occupied the position tenth.

Conclusion :

The strong competition keyword Domain age important results is fully occupied by the ecommerce website. And it has some good news because two domain with 2 years old is occupied some position in this list it a good thing. Because, the all other websites has huge age and most popular but this website fight with other websites and ranked in first page with high age website domains.

Overall Conclusion Domain age important :

The overall results say only thing that is domain age is really important to rank in Google search engine optimization. Every ecommerce website have already registered their own domain and they used after the company launched. So the domain is really important.

Is really domain age is important seo :

Yes the Domain age important to rank higher position. The results have the amazing data to determine the analysis report. The overall 90% top ten websites ranked first ten position which has 5+ year domain age.

Small domain age ranking :

Some of domain ranked high position with little domain age. Some websites take higher position with one or two years domain age.
One thing is very clear this is when you start a new website you will no get good position it leads your website will not get huge amount of traffic. Your new domain takes lot of time to rank higher position. Because Domain age important to rank.

Huge domain age ranking :

Lot of high age domains dominated the page took top position. If you have a high age domain then you have a huge opportunity to rank in higher position. So keep your other parameters like keywords, sitemap, robot.txt file and other search engines optimization then you will also get chance to rank higher position. Don’t waste your time. If you have high age domain website and you have not publish and update anything then you can be top when you update posts. So keep post article and enjoy.

Tips to new blogger :

1. If you have idea to create a new blogs or new website , then don’t waste your time buy a new domain now. If you have many idea just buy a domain but domain for all topics.

2. If you don’t have time to build website , Don’t worry this domain will helps you in future. Because your domain age is increasing when you don’t build a website also. So just buy a domain for all niche.

3. If you have no idea and time to build a website. Don’t worry you can have another option. That’s you can sell your domain in godaddy also. You can sell your domain with high price. So it will confirm profit for you.

4. Don’t forget to renew your domain. If you don’t renew it ,you lose many profits and many things. If you don’t have money to renew it just sell it. It will help to the other user and you also got some money.

5. This tips for new blogger just remember one thing you will not succeed within short period. It take long time so be confident. You will reach the success fruit very shortly.

6. Keep update your article. Don’t give up . Don’t forget why you create the website blog. Just keep on your way. It will give the good profit after some days.
7. Be patient you are know the domain is very important so you will rank in higher position with some keywords around one year. But you will get some little visitors to your site. Do you want huge visitors from Google then you must wait atleat one year.

8. Even my website is 32 days only. I have not received single visitors from Google. But I post around 40+ post . I am also wait to see the results. Let we see the results.

This search results taken from the Google India version. To analyze this Domain age important all it takes 2 days. I think this will help for new blogger like me. If you have any comments just enter here. Just share with your friends.

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How to Start Web Hosting Company [ Complete Business Guide ]

start web hosting company

How to start web hosting company

1. Introduction to start web hosting company .

Hello friends we are all know the basic requirements to start a new business. We already saw this in previous article. Now we going to see How To start a new web hosting company. It’s a big business when compared to other. Now we will see all the parameters related to the web hosting company. How to Start new Business [ Complete Plan Guide]

2. Market value – start web hosting company

Don’t worry about the market value of web hosting. Because it’s growing department. Every one need website to advertise their business, so they need website. Then the customer will comes to web hosting company. So the value of the business is huge. Don’t worry about it. You can start the business with confidence no need to worry.

3. Future value – start web hosting company

The 10 years ago only this business started. Now it’s in a growing stages. There are lot of growing stages. So this filed has a great future. Surely this field Wil reach the double time growth. The market will remain growing only because it is good business one .

4. Competition – start web hosting company

This is the big thing in web hosting company. There are heavy competition available in Market. Because some of few company only occupied huge no of web hosting services. So when you decide to start the web hosting company you need to face the huge amount of competition.

You need to attract the customer to stay or start web hosting business . There are lot of companies provide high features and offers. So also need to give hig offers and good service with low cost. Just collect the all company plans and provide with good offers.
Goodaddy, Amazon web services, hostgator , bluehost these are all some of big web hosting company.

5. Technical need – start web hosting company

You need strong technology to run this business. Because it depends only the technology. You need high amount of software and hardware to run this business. You need hig updated software to avoid from hacking. In this field you need to provide high security to your customers. Because your business is storing and run the customer files. You have high response to storing the customer files. So you need hig updated technical knowledge.

6. Software needs – start web hosting company

This is the big and challenging task in web hosting business. Your business is storing and accessing the file. To store file you need database software and you need security software like antivirus. If your files is without security you face lot of problems and chance to loose your customers file. Then the uptime will be less there by you will lose your customers.

7. Infrastructure needs – start web hosting company

Infrastructure is a core need to run a web hosting filed. Because to run the web hosting business you have lot of hardware like server, storage box and backup. To run the all server with good performance you need cooling system . And the fire proof is also very important. Without fire proof and cooling systems you can’t survive this system. So you need high infrastructure to support the business.

8. Human resources – start web hosting company

You have all infrastructure and software items but if anything happens then to solve this problem you need human resources. Only technical people only solve this problem. So you can recruit high experience people. Because of all the product you need to support the business. The support is very important to the business. So you need support team av,ailable in all 24×7 time period.

9. Budget investment – start web hosting company

You must spend high money to start this business. Because this infrastructure need high Money to build the building and buy the hardware you need hig investment. The software products all are very high cost. If you need to start the web hosting business then you ready to spend lot of money.

10. Conclusion – start web hosting company

Ok now I concluded this article. Over all this article this is good market and good future. Then this business take time to reach and you need to high advertise your business. You have lot of competition in this business. And also you need high investment to run this business.
If you create this one with good process you will be get big success in your business.
Thank you for reading this article. If you have any comments just enter here.

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How to Start new Business [ Complete Plan Guide ]

new business tips guide

new business tips guide

How to start new business ?

1. Introduction:

Hello friends in this article we going to see How To start a new business. Every one need to do one job. The job may be individual business or work in any other companies. The work in company may lead lose your job, you Mus depend on the company , salary package like lot of disadvantages available. But when you start the new business you won’t be depends any other companies. You are the owner.
You can create whatever business you want. I will guide some basic Details about to start New business . we will see some details in below.

2. Market value.

Before going to start a New business ,the first step you must know the market value about the business. You can collect some details about the business. Meet some knowledgeable business person about the particular business. Gather some information about market value. Because if you get details from experience person you will reduce some risk. It will help you in future.

3. Future value.

Knowing about the Future value of the business is very unrestrictable step. Because there are lot of business available. Some business has great future like web host and cloud computing. Because there’s a trend in this world now. But some new business loss their value in market. So the second step you Must research about the future of the business otherwise you will get big loss.

4. Competition.

For any new business there are lot of competition available. You Must ready to face all the competition. If you select a business with less competition you will get high chance to succeed in that business. If you select high competitive business then you Must provide high value to the customer. Because you need to get strong customer base with the competition market. To achieve this You need to provide high value to the customer.

5. Technical need.

In this world every field run with the technical support. When you select the right business, then plan for the technical needs. You can reduce some mistakes and manpower with the help of technology. Some software and hardware will save your business time and manpower and reduce costs. There by you will get more profit .

6. Software needs.

In this era everything is under software control. Because of achieving the profit with low risk and mistakes. Every company has purchased a software from the software company. If you select a right business then plan your service and work there by select what type of software you want then purchase and customize the software with your needs. This is a smart way to succeed in the business.

7. Infrastructure needs.

Every new business needs infrastructure. Without infrastructure there will be no business. You Must have infrastructure to run a business. The infrastructure may be building other hardware to support your business. The building is the very must one to run a business. This will help to attract the customer to your company. So build high attractive building. And another is hardware needs. This includes computer hardware and mechanical things you need to run a business. Collect the all infrastructure needs and plan for it.

8. Human resources.

Without human need no business will run. The hardware and software are required one. But if anything thing happened you need human to resolve it. You product will reach End user by only the human resources. The human is very Important one to run the business. Just research how much human do you want and recruiting the human by the hr team. The well experience human resources department only select the exact human to your business.

9. Budget investment.

Now you can clearly understand new business requirements. Then now the time for the budget calculations. Don’t reduce the budget for the fake and without purity of infrastructure and hardware software. Just make right products and quality infrastructure . I will give good satisfaction
to your business. Select the detailed report of budget then you can easily make plan how much you need to specific department. Without plan you loose some time and money.

10. Conclusion.

Ok friends finally I concluded this article. If you select new business then make sure you follow the all steps. Then this blue print provides good plan to you. Do you have any concerns about the article just comment here.
Thank You for reading this article.