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What is Artificial intelligence & Applications In various Fields

Artificial intelligence is known as machine intelligence rathen than natural intelligence, human and animal have some intelligence now the machine also loaded with some factors.

Artificial intelligence
The definition is which machine do the work with intelligence with mimic the human work that is called Artificial intelligence .

Artificial intelligence was Started fo the purpose of do job like human , To simulate machines like Humanman. In that conditions the machine has philosophy,myths,fiction,antiquity. So some people told that is dangerous for human life.

Reasoning and problem solving :
The main test in Artificial intelligence is reasoning and problem solving. Because to work like human the machine need reasoning thinking and in some conditions they take decision also. The researchers make these factors to the Artificial intelligence robots.

Learning :

In Artificial intelligence the learning capacity is main requirements. So only the robot done some work and do the reasoning jobs. In robot development the robot allows to read the novel so only they can collaborative with students and teachers.

Language :

Natural language processing give the ability to the robot understand and read the human languages.

Motion and manipulation :

In Artificial intelligence motion is very important factor. The map with GPS is also important. Objects manipulation with GPS navigation and location is required to hand such tasks.

Applications :

Online web application :
An automated online assistance provides smart work with the online application. This automated tool do some primitive works through online application.

Toys and games :

In 1990 they first introduced artificial intelligence Toys for education purposes.
The digital evaluation was Started in that era. The children entertainment and studying focus by artificial intelligence . Some companies make artificial intelligence toys for three age kids. This toy purposes is speech recognition. So the kids able to speak and understand the conversation uneasily.


In some artificial intelligence done the work fo searching job. Bt group company deploy one artificial intelligence search options then it scheduled job for all employees.

Online and customer service.

Now lot of companies implemented the automated customer Service. In online you can conversation with that tool,it helps you clear your doubt. Now some company implemented artificial intelligence to satisfy their customers.
Google implemented language to text converting, it give details about customer mood whether they are angry or not. There by easily understand and satisfy the customer.

Ip soft:
This technology give details about customer emotion there by adopting with the customer.

News :

Echobox is a software company, they provides automated tool to post article in social media automatically.
Narrative science is a company provides feature that analyze the sport and finance , then automatically generates News.

Music :
Artificial intelligence tool support music field also. The developer design some algorithm this make some music function.

A classical album named lamus release u n 2012. It’s fully composed by artificial intelligence.
Melomics it a artificial intelligence composed music , it used in medical field to reduce pain and stress relief.

Human resources :
Artificial intelligence tool used in human resource. The tool use analyze the resume and ranked the candidate according to the qualifications. The find the job matching for the candidate.
Pomato a artificial intelligence tool analysis the 200000 resumes in seconds.

Medical field :
In medical field artificial intelligence tool is used to find tumor in human body. When you going to scan, the tool is used to find the exact area and highlight the area.
The artificial intelligence used to find heart sound analysis.
Companion robot is used to care the elderly people.

Heavy Industry :
In many heavy heavy industry uses artificial intelligence robots to done some critical work. In industry some work is dangerous for human health. In that particular work is easyily done by robot without any problems. They reduce the mistakes in production.
Chaina, Japan, germany, and United states used high amount of industrial robots.

Finance :

In finance field artificial intelligence take main part. It take some trading decision. It makes analysis of full financial reporting. And it do some work like data mining. It work some your personal finance also.

Education :

In some company created artificial intelligence teaching robot. It teach students to biology to computer science.

Computer science :

In computer science everything is program. The program is used to create the software. Human is used to create the software and all applications. Now, the programmers develop the artificial intelligence tool. Then this tools used to create the program. So it reduced the work for the programmers.

Conclusion :
Artificial intelligence is the growing field. After some years the world fully occupied by the artificial intelligence tool.
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