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Another Sime Way to Add Quiz in your Blog

Hi friends now going to see another quiz Plugin. This quiz wordpress plugin name is Quiz Master . Gravity forms is the paid one, but quiz master us free quiz maker add-on.

The first thing is you need to install the Quiz Master, and then the quiz menu is added to your wordpress menu. After activating, you can see the quiz menu in wordpress admin panel. Iy you click the quiz dashboard you can able to see the quiz statistics. Now you just activating, so you can see anything.

Now we see how to create quiz.
Go to quiz Dashboard » Quiz » Click new Quiz. After you follow this step you can able to create quiz partially, then you can add title and description. After you can add questions and answers to that quiz.

The plugin now create the quiz. Then go to edit option that particular quiz then now you can add the question for the quiz. Then click the answer button here you can add some questions. Make sure the question is right . Then click submit.

Then you can see multiple questions types. That like checkboxes and dropdowns and textarea to enter the input. Once you decide tat type you can add the question to that quiz by repeating that process.

Grading :

You can set grading fo that quiz questions. You can set grading click quiz tab . In that you can see correct incorrect and enter Mark or not graded .
Review your settings and save and update your settings.

Add Quiz into Your Post :

You can embedded you qut into your post or blog otherwise the quiz created is totally waste. We can see how to add your quiz into post. Your quiz is add into post like shortcode , how to obtain the shortcode into your post. In that quiz menu you can See [mlw_qiuzmaater quiz=1/]
Copy that code just enter the code into your post and publish that’s all. Your quiz as will successfuly as show in your post.

That’s all now you can interact with your visitors..
Thank you for reading.
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