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How to Add Quiz in Your wordpress Blog

Hello friends, Do you have wordpress blogs site. And you want to know about visitors thinking , then the best opinion is add quiz to your site. It Give your site value. And Ali you can create other topic quiz to know about the value of content. You can add quiz to educational purposes also.

We can see how to add quiz your website. In wordpress every thing is plugins. And quiz also in that part. You can add quiz plugins to that. A plugin called gravity forms is the best quiz plugin. gravity forms give awesome features to you. You can create multiple quiz.

In first thing you need to install the gravity forms to your wordpress site. Then you can download add-on to your site.
The add-on also available with the developer license.

add quiz
After you install the plugin , go to forum » add-on You can find quiz add-on you can install it Now. After successful completion of te install you are ready to create the quiz.

Now go to Forum » New forms , Here you can create the new one. Just enter the title and description of the form then you Wil see the editor option.

Click to advanced field you can able to see add-on . To click add on your add-on send to that forum. Click the quiz and you able to see the property in that you can add topic and questions. There are three types of type available.
One is check box.
Second is radio button.
Third is drop down.
Once you can create the question you can save that quiz. After create all questions you can update and save the creation.

Grading :

Grading is important in quiz. Gravity forums easy the grading. If you want automatically grading ..
Go to form setting » click quiz tab here you can see type of grading.

One is no grading. You can disable grading in that step.

Second is percentage type. After user enters the answer. Then the grading make the percentage of the answer there by the answer is shown to the users.

Third is letter grading. You can choose percentage fo the letter grading.

How to add Quiz to Particular Page or Post :

After successful creation of the quiz you can able to add the quiz into your wordpress site post. We can see it now. Create New post, in that you can see Add forum.
Click add forum , then you can see the already created quiz then you will collect after the quiz code will add to your post. You can add title and description of the quiz. After publish the post, you can able to see the quiz.

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