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How To Add New Post in WordPress with Seo Friendly

add wordpress post new

Hello Friends in this post we going to see How To Publish a post in WordPress very Simple Way. We will see all the parameters to publish a post in WordPress.

Login to your wordpress account. Go to dashboard .

Click the post tab

Add new post subtab

Here you can enter your title for the blog and you can enter the content of the post.

Then if you want you can add category and select category to particular post. And you can add tags to the post.

If you complete all these , you can press the publish button to finish and publish your post.
add wordpress post new
publish post in wordpress
Now we can see the detailed description about the how to publish blog post in WordPress.

Title :
This is the title for your blog. You can use phrases words and some symbols. Don’t use already published title, it leads some problems. You can use commas, apostrophes, quotes, hyphens/dashes and other typical symbols. WordPress Will clean the symbols to create the simple permalink url to increase Sep.

Body :
In the big blank box, you going to enter the full content. There are two options available. Text mode , in this mode you will enter only text. But in visual mode you can add some html code and all.
In the body text box only you will enter all your content like images texting and add some code to design the post.

Preview button :
After you complete the title and content of the post then you can see preview of the post by clicking the preview button. You can see exactly what will the post shows to the users.

Published Box:
Here you can see the status of the post. There is two states one is draft another one is published. If your blog is in draft the post is not publish so far. It waiting for your review, if you publish them your post will post successfully. If you blog is in published then your post is already live in your blog. Here you can set the post to public or set password to the post. So the visitors must know the password to open and read the post.

Permalink :
Permanent link know as permalink in wordpress. If You create post in WordPress you able to set the url of the post. There are some types available. You can create url with your title name. There is seo free, then your url show as your title, so users easily click your site in search results.
Go to admin panel, and go setting > Permalink . Here you can set your permalink . One type permalink is Used only post I’d number. Another is using title of the post. Title of the post permalink is very useful for seo, so choses it, it will very useful for you.

Save :
This option is Used to save and send your post into draft. If you click save your post not go live in you blog. If you want to send the post into live, go to draft and publish it.

Post Tags :
This is very important to Seo. You can set some of tag to your post. This is useful to your visitors.
Example , I set tags to this post like wordpress tutorial,wordpress post,wordpress admin . I set tag to every post. Then user able to click the tags, After they able to see the all related posts to that tags.
Your tags also linked to Google. So you can get more visitors related to the tag searches.

Category :
This is simple features to split the all post into particular categories. You can create a new category, After that you can able to set the post into particular Category.
Go to admin panel » post » add category

Discussion :
There are two checkboxes in that setting. One is allow comments, another is post pingbacks. If you click allowing comments is , users able to comment that post.

Post Author :

If you have multiple authors in your blog. You can set the author of the particular post. So only user able to see the list of the particular posts of the author.


1. Use paragraphs :
No one likes the whole content into story like without paragraphs. So split your content into some paragraphs, so users will attract by your posts.

2. Use heading :
If you create long post you split your content into headtags. Html allow users into split the content into heading. You can set the content into h1 h2 h3 h4 tags. H4 is Used to set the heading of the post.

Subtitle of Section

this syntax used to set the tags.

3. Use html :
If you use html in your post you will get some stylish page in your post. If you want some box marquee and heading you must use html to stylish your site.

4. Use Spellchecker :
Use some text writter to write easily . Some text editor gives spell check. There by you can able to post currect spelling. Spell mistakes reduced your rank in Google. So be carefull

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