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How to Add header footer in WordPress blog post

Hi Friend’s, Do you already created any website without wordpress or blogs. We can set header and footer for all pages. And we are also customize the header footer options for some pages only. We can Design some codes and add additional feature in header and footer. But in WordPress we cannot design and add codes in WordPress header and footer. We need some plugin to insert header footer codes.

Header :

This is head part of the site. It includes meta content and css codes . It also have character encoding and screen types. Meta includes title , description, keywords. We can customize the title using meta tag. We can customize description in metatag . We also add keywords to your site.

If you add your site to Google you need to add their code into your site. In other site we easily add header code. But wordpress we can’t default. We need some plugins.

Footer :

In footer we can customize some code to show in end of our site. In wordpress some plugins do this job. We will see it.

Top plugin :

1. Simple Header Footer in Html

This plugin named simple header footer in html, but it not esy to use the beginner , we will tell easy way so beginner also understand easily. This tool allows you to inject html css codes. But this plugin not allowed you to enter the php script.

By this tool you can add JavaScript and html custom css codes also. When you add this code, your current theme not affec.

2. Wp custom header footer.

In this you can customize your header and footer menu. You can add JavaScript css codes here without damaging the current theme.

3. Beaver builder header footer.

This is easy tool. You can add your header footer easily. These take some steps.
Create header template,
Design your new header,
Publish your new design,
Check your new design ,
Check design.

There is sticky header this is remain in user left your website Also.
The only drawback is this is working in only some theme only.
This us the list of theme support by this plugin.
Beaver Builder Theme.
Genesis Theme (and should work with most of its child themes).
GeneratePress Theme

I think it’s useful for you.
Do you have any comments just post here.
Thank you for reading.

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