How to Donate Car to trust worthy charity.


In internet there are lot of car donation programs available. The main part is to chose right car donation charity. Just Donate your car to non profit partners.


Tips to Donate cars :


1. Make sure the organization is trust , it’s very important thing.  Before donation, must know, Wich society will get the benefits.


2. Charity have response to manage your vehicle donation. Ask how much money will go to the charity. Most organizations provides 15-30 grass back to the charity. But they must give 50-70, the make 50-70 as fake Report.


3. Once you decide to Donate Car to charity , just directly to agents of the charity.


4. Make sure how handle your car, the license and picked up.


5. Ask how and Where YouTube money will be spending.  The question easily answered. Search the online about the charity.

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